CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 This Will All Count for Nothing
David Ford 2:37
2 Fireworks
David Ford 2:21
3 Devil Come Take This Town
David Ford 2:47
4 One of These Days
David Ford with Emily Grove 3:03
5 Morning Is Broken
David Ford 4:12
6 The Snake
David Ford 3:38
7 O'Sullivan's Jukebox
David Ford 4:29


CD 1

strings arranger:
Sophie Broadbent (track 7)
Jordan Hunt (track 7)
Rosie Langley (track 7)
Nicole Robson (track 7)
Oscar Brown Jr. (track 6)
Oscar Brown Jr. (track 6)
David Ford (UK singer/songwriter) (tracks 1–5, 7)
cover recording of:
The Snake (track 6)
recording of:
Fireworks (track 2)
Morning Is Broken (track 5)
One of These Days (track 4)


acoustic guitar: David Ford (UK singer/songwriter)
violin: Jordan Hunt
Rosie Langley
cello: Nicole Robson
strings arranger: David Ford (UK singer/songwriter)
Nicole Robson
viola: Sophie Broadbent
drums: Joey Love
percussion: David Ford (UK singer/songwriter)
piano: David Ford (UK singer/songwriter)
handclaps: Emma Ellis
additional producer: James Brown (indie-rock engineer James 'Razors' Brown)
engineer: Christoph Skirl
mastering: Francis Kimberley (mastering engineer)
mixer: James Brown (indie-rock engineer James 'Razors' Brown)
photography: Bobby Six
producer: David Ford (UK singer/songwriter)
vocals: Sophie Broadbent
James Brown (indie-rock engineer James 'Razors' Brown)
Jarrod Dickenson
David Ford (UK singer/songwriter)
Jordan Hunt
Rosie Langley
Nicole Robson
mastered at: Hungry Bear Mastering
recorded at: Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom
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