Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 megAsfear (Title)
The Orichalcon 1:51
2 Running From Evil Horde (MAP01: Running From Evil)
Evil Horde 4:18
3 Adrian’s Sleep (MAP25: Adrian’s Asleep)
analoq 2:25
4 Westside Archvile (MAP20: Message for the Archvile)
Mazedude 5:48
5 The Countdown (MAP03: Countdown to Death)
Jovette Rivera 4:54
6 Crushing Headache (MAP06: In the Dark)
The Orichalcon 3:52
7 Silent Healer (MAP02: The Healer Stalks)
Mazedude 4:33
8 Icon of Sinwave (MAP30: Opening to Hell)
Big Giant Circles & Flik 6:08
9 31 Seconds (MAP09: Into Sandy’s City)
John Revoredo 3:00
10 The End of Hell (Endgame)
Mazedude & Ailsean 3:57
11 No Smoking Area (MAP23: Bye Bye American Pie)
phoenixdk 3:42
12 The Duel (MAP08: The Dave D. Taylor Blues)
Evil Horde 3:31
13 Red Waltz (Intermission)
djpretzel 3:38
14 Ablaze (MAP10: The Demon’s Dead)
phoenixdk 5:49


Digital Media 1

Bobby Prince (video game composer) (tracks 1–14)
part of:
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR01740) (track 13)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR01741) (track 2)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR01808) (track 9)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR01842) (track 8)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR01894) (track 7)
cover recording of:
Adrian’s Asleep (Map25) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 3)
Bye Bye American Pie (Map23) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 11)
Countdown to Death (Map03) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 5)
Endgame (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 10)
In the Dark (Map06) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 6)
Intermission (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 13)
Into Sandy’s City (Map09) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 9)
Message for the Archvile (Map20) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 4)
Opening to Hell (Map30) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 8)
Running From Evil (Map01) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 2)
The Dave D. Taylor Blues (Map08) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 12)
The Demon’s Dead (Map10) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 14)
The Healer Stalks (Map02) (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 7)
Title (Doom II: Hell on Earth) (track 1)
part of:
Doom II: Hell on Earth (video game soundtrack) (tracks 1–14)
Final Doom (video game soundtrack) (tracks 4–5, 9, 11–12)

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