12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Lazy Calm 6:34
A2 Fluffy Tufts 3:06
A3 Throughout the Dark Months of April and May 3:05
A4 Whales Tails 3:20
B1 Oomingmak 2:43
B2 Little Spacey 3:26
B3 Feet-Like Fins 3:26
B4 How to Bring a Blush to the Snow 3:51
B5 The Thinner the Air 3:16


12" Vinyl 1

Robin Guthrie (guitarist in Cocteau Twins) (track B1)
Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) (track B1)
Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) (track B5)
Robin Guthrie (guitarist in Cocteau Twins) (track B5)
has remixes:
recording of:
Fluffy Tufts (track A2)
Lazy Calm (track A1)
Little Spacey (track B2)
Oomingmak (track B1)
The Thinner the Air (track B5)
Whales Tails (track A4)