12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Satellite of Love
3.5 3:43
A2 Wild Child
4 4:38
A3 I Love You
4 2:19
A4 How Do You Think It Feels
4 3:09
A5 New York Telephone Conversation
2.5 1:32
A6 Walk on the Wild Side
4 4:15
B1 Sweet Jane
4 3:39
B2 White Light/White Heat
4 5:17
B3 Sally Can’t Dance
4 2:56
B4 Nowhere at All
3 3:14
B5 Coney Island Baby
3 6:37


12" Vinyl 1

electric bass guitar:
Herbie Flowers (1972-08) (track A6)
John Halsey (1972-08) (track A6)
double bass:
Herbie Flowers (1972-08) (track A6)
baritone saxophone:
Ronnie Ross (1972-08) (track A6)
David Bowie (English singer, songwriter & actor) (track A6)
Mick Ronson (track A6)
Lou Reed (track A6)
background vocals:
The Thunder Thighs (70s UK vocal group) (1972-08) (track A6)
Lou Reed (tracks A1–B5)
lead vocals:
Lou Reed (tracks A1, A5, B5)
Lou Reed (1972-08) (track A6)
Lou Reed (tracks A1–B5)
David Bowie (English singer, songwriter & actor) (track A6)
Godfrey Diamond (track B5)
Mick Ronson (track A6)
Lou Reed (track B5)
Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd. (tracks A1, A5–A6)
recorded at:
Trident Studios in London, England, United Kingdom (1972-08) (track A6)
Palladium (formerly Academy of Music) in New York, New York, United States (1973-12-21) (tracks B1–B2)
sampled by:
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 75) (track A6)
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 221) (track A6)
Stüverhoff (translated) (track A6)
later translated parody versions:
Neigschbeit (track A6)
Rheinsehn (track A6)
later translated versions:
Miltä meno maistuu (track A6)
Schicksal (track A6)
Seisovaa ilmaa (track A6)
live recording of:
Sweet Jane (1973-12-21) (track B1)
White Light/White Heat (1973-12-21) (track B2)
recording of:
Coney Island Baby (track B5)
I Love You (track A3)
Nowhere at All (track B4)
Sally Can’t Dance (track B3)
Satellite of Love (track A1)
Wild Child (track A2)
Walk on the Wild Side (1972-08) (track A6)

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