Location: Back of the lawn, dead center, mic pointed at satellite speaker on framework approx. 25 feet in the air. 30 rows back, right center aisle, mic in backpack (encore).

Equipment: Logitech Mic -> Panasonic RQ-A200 -> Type I Tape

Transfer: Master Tape -> Sony TC630ES Three-Head Deck -> 1/4" jack -> 1/4" to 1/8" cable -> mic in on PC

Editing: CDWave (recording) -> Audacity (amplified, smoothed pops/rustling, fades at tape flip) -> CDWave (splits) -> FLAC frontend (align on sector boundaries, level 8) -> FLAC

Taper's Notes

The notes:
My friends and I arrived an hour and a half before showtime to find (literally) about 10,000 people already there. For anyone who knows the park, we were at the very back of the lawn, maybe a city block or so from the stage. Luckily, there were satellite speakers mounted all over the giant framework that is above the lawn. I pointed the mic at the nearest of them. In front, where the seats are, there were alot of older folks (donors, etc) who left before the encore, creating a vacumn up front and a subsequent MASSIVE rush of people hopping the barriers between the lawn and seats. Also, a huge thunderstorm broke out just after Mariner's Revenge. Colin comments on the gathering lightning(!) just before the song.

The bad:
This appears to have been recorded in dual-mono.
We forgot to bring a Type II tape, so this was recorded on a 120m Type I that we bought across the street before the show.
The walkman had no way for me to adjust levels.
Constant background talking. Lots of people were there with families and picnics, not necessarily for the show.
Because I didn't fast forward the tape before I flipped it, Mariner's Revenge cuts at the start of the Coda. You at least get to hear Colin's "Oookay then. We'll soldier on". This was in response to the lighting man not giving him the requested spotlight.

Outright flaws:
Mic adjustments during The Crane Wife 1 & 2
Pop in The Infanta
My friends went up front to go dancing during The Bagman's Gambit. They subsequently come back and talk about the debauchery that went on.
Parts II and III of The Tain have alot of hiss and tape flutter. There is also some talking.
Mic adjustments during I Was Meant for the Stage
The beginning of 16 Military Wives consists of me jumping over blankets, people, and barricades to get into the seated area. The rest of it and The Mariner's Revenge song were recorded from within my backpack, and sound surprisingly good.

The good:
The show was amazing, especially the encore.
The tape actually sounds pretty good.
The walkman did a *really* good job of doing auto-levels.
If you like Colin Meloy, this show is for you! His vocals are very high in the mix. The orchestra is also up there. Drums are low in the mix, and the bass and organ are virtually non-existent until the encore.
I've also included a video of 16 Military Wives and some photos that I took.

Morgan (equipment loan)
My dad (buying my train ticket to Chicago)
The nice couple in front of us (food, the great Iggy Pop story)

Taped by Ben V. (rhinowing)

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 [introduction]
2 The Crane Wife 1 & 2
3 [stage banter]
4 The Infanta
5 [stage banter]
6 We Both Go Down Together
7 The Bagman's Gambit
8 [stage banter]
9 Odalisque
10 The Perfect Crime #2
11 Los Angeles, I'm Yours
Digital Media 2
# Title Rating Length
1 [stage banter]
2 The Tain I-V
3 [stage banter]
4 O Valencia!
5 [stage banter]
6 I Was Meant for the Stage
7 [encore break]
8 [stage banter]
9 Ask (tease)
10 [stage banter]
11 The Mariner's Revenge


Digital Media 2

Johnny Marr (track 9)
Morrissey (track 9)
cover recording of:
Ask (track 9)
later translated versions:
Ask (track 9)


additional orchestra: Grant Park Symphony Orchestra