Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Map of Tasmania (alt mix) (feat. Peaches)
Amanda Palmer 2:44
2 Map of Tasmania (The Young Punx club mix) (feat. Peaches)
Amanda Palmer 4:05
3 Map of Tasmania (remix by Bodega Girls)
Amanda Palmer 2:56
4 Map of Tasmania (remix by Sveta & Tokoloshe) (feat. Romy)
Amanda Palmer 4:47
5 The Rap of Tasmania (Kim Boekbinder vs. My Name Is Gus)
Amanda Palmer 1:06
6 Map of Tasmania (remix by Simone Ewouds)
Amanda Palmer 3:53
7 Map of Tasmania (Hypermax megamix)
Amanda Palmer 4:03
8 Map of Tasmania (remix by Thiago Correa)
Amanda Palmer 2:38
9 Map of Tasmania (remix by Jared Graham)
Amanda Palmer 4:24
10 Map of Tasmania (remix by David Minnick)
Amanda Palmer 3:50
11 Map of Tasmania (acoustic version)
Amanda Palmer 2:24
12 Map of Tasmania (Haus of Glitch remix by Jeremy Henry)
Amanda Palmer 2:36
13 Map of Tasmania (Rewax by jaronsound) (feat. Logic the Topic)
Amanda Palmer 4:50
14 Map of Tasmania (Phisto rework by James McCrea)
Amanda Palmer 4:07
15 Map of Tasmania (remix by NOWONOSOUS) (feat. Yoshi)
Amanda Palmer 4:38
16 Map of Tasmania (Cliché Rock 'n' Roll Excess version by Stevenson Roberts)
Amanda Palmer 3:52
17 Map of Tasmania (The Dollywood remix by Krishna Venkatesh)
Amanda Palmer 2:08
18 Map of Tasmania (clean alt mix) (feat. Peaches)
Amanda Palmer 2:44
19 Mashup of Tasmania (remix by Michael Potvin)
Amanda Palmer vs. Paula Abdul 4:33


Digital Media 1

Michele Balduzzi (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
Amanda Palmer (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
Hal Ritson (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
Michele Balduzzi (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
Amanda Palmer (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
Hal Ritson (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
Logic The Topic (track 13)
Yoshi (featured on "Map of Tasmania" by Amanda Palmer) (track 15)
edit of:
remix of:
Map of Tasmania by Amanda Palmer feat. The Young Punx (tracks 1–4, 6–19)
recording of:
Map of Tasmania (tracks 1–4, 6–19)

Release Group

single/EP which was taken from: Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under by Amanda Palmer
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