12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Bright Side of the Road 2.35 3:45
A2 Full Force Gale 1.5 3:14
A3 Steppin' Out Queen 5:27
A4 Troubadours 4:38
A5 Rolling Hills 2:50
A6 You Make Feel So Free 4:06
B1 Angelou 6:49
B2 And the Healing Has Begun 4 8:00
B3 It's All in the Game 5:08
B4 You Know What They're Writing About 5:38


12" Vinyl 1

assistant producer:
Mick Glossop (Producer & Engineer) (tracks A1, B2)
Van Morrison (tracks A1–B2)
Charles Dawes (1911) (track B3)
guest tabla:
Zakir Hussain (tracks A1, A3)
guest membranophone:
Kurt Wortman (US drummer and percussionist) (track A4)
guest slide guitar:
Ry Cooder (track A2)
guest tin whistle:
Robin Williamson (tracks A4–A5)
Van Morrison (tracks A1–B2)
Carl Sigman (1951) (track B3)
Van Morrison (tracks A1, B2)
Essential Music (tracks A1, A6–B2)
Larry Spier Inc. (track B3)
Majorsongs Ltd. (track B3)
Music Sales Corporation (American copyright holder in both popular and classical music) (track B3)
Remick Music (track B3)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!) (track B3)
Music Sales (Japan, subsidiary of Shinko Music Entertainment) (track B3)
Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (holding company - do not use as release label) (track B3)
is based on:
Melody in A major (instrumental) (track B3)
is the basis for:
later versions:
C'est le jeu (It’s All in the Game) (track B3)
recording of:
Angeliou (track B1)
Full Force Gale (track A2)
Rolling Hills (track A5)
Stepping Out Queen (track A3)
Troubadours (track A4)
Bright Side of the Road (1979) (track A1)