12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Nightmares in Red
The Brain 2:17
A2 10,000 Years Behind My Mind
Focus Three 2:14
A3 Talking About the Good Times
The Pretty Things 4 3:37
A4 The Fox Has Gone to Ground
Bamboo Shoot 2:49
A5 (Visions in a) Plaster Sky
Wild Silk 2:25
A6 (He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman
Mark Wirtz 3:54
A7 William Chalker's Time Machine
The Lemon Tree 2:31
A8 Barricades
The Koobas 4:59
B1 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box
The Aquarian Age 3:41
B2 Mr. Evasion
The Pretty Things 3:20
B3 Gardena Dreamer
Executive 3:07
B4 Fragile Child
Chances Are 2:25
B5 Hold On
Ipsissimus 3:31
B6 Shades of Grey
Edwick Rumbold 2:31
B7 Model Village
The Penny Peeps 2:49
B8 Revolution
Tomorrow 3:42


Release Group

part of:Rubble (number: 3)
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