Bigger, Better, Faster, More! (front cover has image of the four artists)

~ Release by 4 Non Blondes (see all versions of this release, 11 available)


Identifying This Release

There is at least one other very similar version of this album (see its annotations for even more identifying information):

This release has (at least) the following characteristics:

  • The front cover of the jewel case has an image of the 4 artists.
  • The front cover of the jewel case has the album’s title and the artist’s name written in orange/yellow.

Barcodes, Catalogue Numbers

  • The spine (but not the back cover) of the jewel case and the medium have the catalogue number “7567-92112-2”.
  • The back cover of the jewel case has the catalogue numbers “7567-92112-2 YS” and “FRANCE CA 851”.

Codes, Numbers, Etc.

Unless otherwise noticed, the following may help to identify this release, however other (not yet listed) sets of that data may match this release as well and should be added below:

Set 1

Added by calestyo.

Medium 1

Matrix Number: 756792112-2 WME
Master SID Code: none
Mould SID Code: none
Stamper: none
Other Inscriptions Near The Hub: none
Rights Society (As Printed On The Medium): GEMA/BIEM
Label Code (As Printed On The Medium): LC 6406

External Links

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

The ASIN of this release resolves to several barcodes, namely “075679211224” and “4000000115632”, of which only the former applies to this release.
Further, Amazon uses cover art from another version of this album with that ASIN.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Train
3 3:44
2 Superfly
3 4:38
3 What’s Up
3.6 4:56
4 Pleasantly Blue
3 2:28
5 Morphine & Chocolate
4 4:44
6 Spaceman
5 3:40
7 Old Mr. Heffer
3 2:17
8 Calling All the People
4 3:18
9 Dear Mr. President
5 4:43
10 Drifting
4 3:31
11 No Place Like Home
4 3:09


CD 1

acoustic guitar:
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer) (tracks 1–11)
Suzie Katayama (track 10)
Rory Kaplan (track 6)
Dawn Richardson (tracks 1–11)
Shaunna Hall (tracks 6, 9)
Louis Metoyer (tracks 1–9, 11)
Roger Rocha (tracks 1–11)
Judy Rudin (track 1)
Christa Hillhouse (tracks 1–11)
electric guitar:
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer) (tracks 1–11)
David Rickets (of David & David) (track 5)
Laurent Tardy (track 9)
Suzie Katayama (track 6)
additional engineer:
Paul Dieter (American sound engineer and producer.) (tracks 1–11)
Jessie Kanner (tracks 1–11)
Kent Mactke (track 3)
Laurent Tardy (tracks 1–11)
Shaunna Hall (track 5)
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer) (tracks 1, 3–4, 9–10)
Mark Hensley (track 3)
Shaunna Hall (track 5)
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer) (tracks 1, 3–4, 9–10)
David Tickle (tracks 1–11)
David Tickle (tracks 1–11)
recording engineer:
David Tickle (tracks 1–11)
Christa Hillhouse (tracks 1–11)
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer) (tracks 1–11)
Wanda Day (tracks 7–8, 11)
Shaunna Hall (tracks 6–8, 11)
Christa Hillhouse (tracks 7–8, 11)
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer) (tracks 2, 6–8, 11)
Dawn Richardson (track 8)
Katrina Sirdofsky (track 2)
phonographic copyright by:
Interscope Records (1992) (tracks 1–11)
Bad Love Seizure (track 8)
Lejonhjarta Music (tracks 5–8, 11)
Stuck in the Throat (tracks 1–4, 6–11)
mixed at:
The Bunker (tracks 1–11)
recorded at:
The Plant Studios (1981-2008) in Sausalito, California, United States (tracks 1–11)
The Bunker (tracks 1–11)
sampled by:
All The Time by KatazTrophee (track 3)
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 486) (track 3)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
Buten Kluten (track 3)
recording of:
Dear Mr. President (track 9)
Drifting (track 10)
No Place Like Home (track 11)
Old Mr. Heffer (track 7)
Pleasantly Blue (track 4)
Spaceman (track 6)
Superfly (track 2)
Train (track 1)
What’s Up? (track 3)


manufactured by: Warner Music Manufacturing Europe (manufacturing company; not for release label use!)
ASIN: DE: B00004SE9B [info]
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