Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Where Them Girls At
5 3:14


Digital Media 1

David Guetta (track 1)
Sandy Vee (track 1)
Giorgio Tuinfort (track 1)
guest vocals:
Tramar Dillard (track 1)
Nicki Minaj (track 1)
Mike Caren (US hip hop producer) (track 1)
Jared Cotter (track 1)
Tramar Dillard (track 1)
Nicki Minaj (track 1)
Juan Salinas (US hip hop producer) (track 1)
Oscar Salinas (US rapper/producer Oscar Salinas, of Play N Skillz) (track 1)
Cotter Boy Music (track 1)
Dipiù Music (track 1)
E Class Publishing (track 1)
Piano Songs (track 1)
Serious Scriptures (track 1)
What A Publishing (track 1)
recording of:

Release Group

single/EP which was taken from: Nothing but the Beat by David Guetta
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Wikidata: Q645342 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Where Them Girls At [info]