Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Neutralizer Fred Steiner 1:32
2 Star Trek Main Title Alexander Courage 1:02
3 Hijacking the Enterprise Fred Steiner 0:53
4 Harsh Lessons Fred Steiner 3:03
5 Real Kelvans Fred Steiner 0:39
6 Staff Reductions Fred Steiner 1:04
7 An Empty Ship Fred Steiner 0:56
8 A Glimmer of Hope Fred Steiner 0:09
9 What Is Love Fred Steiner 1:37
10 You Will Do as I Say Fred Steiner 0:09
11 Academic Research Fred Steiner 0:56
12 Rojan's Wrath Fred Steiner 0:39
13 Peaceful Coexistence Fred Steiner 1:10
14 Star Trek End Title Alexander Courage 0:48


Medium 1

additional lyricist:
Gene Roddenberry (television writer and producer) (track 2)
Alexander Courage (tracks 2, 14)
Mike Townend (track 2)
Famous Music (renamed since 2007-05 as Sony/ATV Harmony/Melody) (track 2)
Kirk's Death (track 2)
Main Title (Star Trek: Generations) (track 2)
Past Glory (track 2)
The Enterprise B (track 2)
To Live Forever (track 2)
Two Captains (track 2)
is the basis for:
End Credits (Star Trek: First Contact) (track 2)
Starship Edelweiss (Raumschiff Edelweiss) (track 2)
The Final Frontier (track 2)
Theme from Star Trek (first 8-10 tunes only) (track 2)
later parody versions:
Star Trek (track 2)
later translated parody versions:
Sound Trek (track 2)
later versions:
Life Is a Dream (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, end credits) (track 2)
Main Theme (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) (track 2)
Main Title (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) (track 2)
Main Title (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (track 2)
The Barrier (track 2)
The Mountain (track 2)
Theme from Star Trek (Discovery Episode 115 End Credits Version) (track 2)
To Boldly Go (track 2)
part of:
Main Theme (Star Trek Into Darkness) (track 2)
Empath Finale (contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry and "Mr. Spock" by Gerald Fried) (track 2)
recording of:
A Glimmer of Hope (track 8)
Academic Research (track 11)
An Empty Ship (track 7)
Harsh Lessons (track 4)
Real Kelvans (track 5)
Rojan's Wrath (track 12)
Staff Reductions (track 6)
The Neutralizer (track 1)
What Is Love (track 9)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (Original Star Trek Title Theme) (track 2)
referred to in medleys:

Release Group

part of:Star Trek: The Original Series (Individual episode releases) (number: 50) (order: 21)