There are a number of errors on the packaging and media of this compilation.

- The barcode is printed on a sticker, which is affixed directly to the shrink wrap around the case. It covers the incorrect barcode (709231095426) that is printed directly on the case, which is actually the barcode for the "411 House" compilation.

- The discs themselves are labeled incorrectly. CD 1 actually contains the audio from CD 2 and vice versa. Also, both CDs are erroneously labeled as "CD1".

- While the track listing is correct for CD 2 on the back of the case, a completely different track listing is printed inside the case. CD 2 was originally released as the second disc on a different compilation, but the first disc from that compilation is printed inside the case.

- There are a few misspellings of tracks and artists on the case and in the liner notes.

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CD 1: Circuit Grooves 9.1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Don’t Stop (Consola’s SQ1 remix)
ATB 5:10
2 Rhythm of Summer (original mix)
Mistral 5:18
3 Sweet Release (Trouser Enthusiasts full vocal)
Trouser Enthusiasts 8:03
4 Coming Home (Transa vocal remix)
Blue Amazon 5:45
5 New York City Boy (Lange remix)
Pet Shop Boys 5:51
6 Airwave (Rank 1 vs. Dutch Force remix)
Rank 1 5:03
7 Conquest Paradise (Millennium mix)
Marc 'n' Ace 4:50
8 Into the Sun (Trouser Enthusiasts Vocal Resurrection)
Prima 7:42
9 Holding On (Lange remix)
DJ Manta 7:40
10 Unity Theme (Free Radical mix)
Free Radical 5:05
11 The Sound of Nature (Lightforce remix)
Mario Lopez 5:42
12 Seven Cities (Solar Stone’s Atlantis mix)
Solarstone 7:19
CD 2: Trancemixed Anthems
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Floor Control
Castaneda 4:31
2 Little Prince
Petibonum 6:51
3 Automanual
Marco V 5:21
4 Revelation
Alphazone 5:17
5 Atomic Outbreak
A-Force 6:17
6 Break of Dawn
Tectonic Shift feat. André Visior 5:25
7 Stay
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed 5:12
8 Every Little Time
Onyx 4:40
9 Nova Zembla
Oradea 5:02
10 Santa Cruz
Rapid Eye 5:07
11 My Love Is Calling
Ducati Project 5:03
12 Stars Shine Bright
Blank & Jones 4:43


CD 1: Circuit Grooves 9.1

Piet Bervoets (track 6)
Benno de Goeij (track 6)
André Tanneberger (track 1)
André Tanneberger (track 1)
Chris Lowe (1/2 of Pet Shop Boys) (track 5)
David Morales (track 5)
Solarstone (track 12)
Neil Tennant (track 5)
later translated versions:
Paris City Boy (track 5)
recording of:
Airwave (track 6)
Don’t Stop (track 1)
New York City Boy (track 5)
Seven Cities (track 12)