CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Unquiet Thoughts
John Dowland 4:07
2 Who Ever Thinks or Hopes of Love
John Dowland 2:31
3 My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes
John Dowland 3:00
4 If My Complaints
John Dowland 3:28
5 Can She Excuse My Wrongs
John Dowland 3:06
6 Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part
John Dowland 4:28
7 Dear, If You Change
John Dowland 3:29
8 Burst Forth My Tears
John Dowland 3:56
9 Go Crystal Tears
John Dowland 3:43
10 Think'st Thou Then by Thy Feigning
John Dowland 1:54
11 Come Away, Come Sweet Love
John Dowland 2:28
12 Rest Awhile You Cruel Cares
John Dowland 3:26
13 Sleep, Wayward Thoughts
John Dowland 3:43
14 All Ye, Whom Love or Fortune
John Dowland 4:28
15 Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me
John Dowland 2:11
16 Would My Conceit
John Dowland 7:13
17 Come Again: Sweet Love Doth Now Invite
John Dowland 4:37
18 His Golden Locks
John Dowland 4:08
19 Awake, Sweet Love
John Dowland 2:47
20 Come, Heavy Sleep
John Dowland 4:31
21 Away With These Self-Loving Lads
John Dowland 2:50


CD 1

Anthony Rooley (1976-01) (tracks 1–21)
John Dowland (1597) (tracks 1–11, 11–21)
Anthony Rooley (tracks 1–21)
Ian Churches (tracks 1–21)
Martin Haskell (tracks 1–21)
The Consort of Musicke (1976-01) (tracks 1–21)
Peter Wadland (tracks 1–21)
recorded at:
Come Again, P. 60 (arr. for lute) (tracks 11, 17)
Come Again, sweet love doth now invite (for low voice and piano, Keel) (tracks 11, 17)
is the basis for:
Lachrymae: Reflections on a song of Dowland, op. 48 (for viola and piano) (track 4)
later versions:
Comagain, NVE 33, M/T 32 (tracks 11, 17)
part of:
The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (tracks 1–11, 11–21)
recording of:


tenor viol: Ian Gammie
Polly Waterfield
bass viol: Trevor Jones (British violist, ex. Salomon Quartet)
treble viol: Catherine Mackintosh (violinist)
bass vocals [bass]: David Thomas (British bass singer)
countertenor vocals [counter-tenor]: John York Skinner (countertenor)
liner notes: Anthony Rooley
soprano vocals: Emma Kirkby (soprano)
tenor vocals [tenor]: Martyn Hill
ASIN: US: B00000E3RP [info]
US: B0012A64L6 [info]