Other Credits

“Structure” is credited on each track to Alex. (Music and arrangements have been entered as ARs.)

All Latin verses by Renaud. Lyrical concept and texts constituted by Alex. All female vocals and harmonic vocals composed by Eve, Renaud and Alex. Lyrics taken or adapted from Milton's Paradise Lost except 1, 4, 7 & 8 by Alex.

Executive producer: Holy Records. Recorded and mixed by Didier Chesneau at Melody Studio, Dreux, September '94. Logo by Alex, Weeping Christ by Albrecht Dürer, wood engraving taken from Small Passion. Cover image adapted from Le Burg à la croix by Victor Hugo.


Πειθώμεθα νυκτὶ μελαίνῃ (Homer) — Motto on the back cover (slightly misspelled there, hopefully correct here). The band translates it as “Let us be convinced by the black night” and “Let us give in to the call of the black night”. (Transliteration: “Peithómetha nyktì melaíne”.)

This album is part one of the Officium Tenebrarum trilogy (followed by Les Ténèbres du Dehors and The Umbersun).

The booklet has “music:” credits for each individual track, but also mentions “All music by Elend”. (The other members probably had some contribution.) Both credits are represented as ARs.

The album was released simultaneously under two versions; the barcode starting with 400 belongs to the version distributed in Germany/Austria/Switzerland by SPV GmbH, while one starting with 338 was distributed in the rest of the world. The only difference between the two versions is the printed back cover.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Leçon de Ténèbres
2 Chanting
3 Into Bottomless Perdition
4 Deploration
5 Infernal Beauty
5 5:13
6 Lucifer
5 10:05
7 Eclipse
8 The Reign of Chaos and Old Night
9 The Emperor
5 5:30


CD 1

Iskandar Hasnawi (tracks 1, 3, 8)
Renaud Tschirner (tracks 1–9)
Iskandar Hasnawi (tracks 1, 4, 6, 8–9)
Renaud Tschirner (tracks 2–3, 5, 7–8)
recording of:
Chanting (track 2)
Deploration (track 4)
Eclipse (track 7)
Infernal Beauty (track 5)
Lucifer (track 6)
The Emperor (track 9)


keyboard and synthesizer: Renaud Tschirner
composer: Elend
engineer: Didier Chesneau (engineer @ Melody Studio, France)
Sébastien Roland
mixer: Didier Chesneau (engineer @ Melody Studio, France) (1994-09)
performer: Iskandar Hasnawi
recorded by: Didier Chesneau (engineer @ Melody Studio, France) (1994-09)
soprano vocals: Eve-Gabrielle Siskind
vocals: Renaud Tschirner
ASIN: DE: B00005NFEW [info]
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Release Group

part of: Officium Tenebrarum (number: 1)
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Wikidata: Q285615 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Leçons de Ténèbres (album) [info]