European double LP release, limited to 1000 copies.

Tracks 1-3 are on side A.
Tracks 4-8 are on side B.

Link to second disc.

Catalog number on the LP: NB 1648-1

European double LP release, limited to 1000 copies.

Tracks 1-4 are on side C.
Tracks 5-9 are on side D.

Link to first disc.

Catalog number on the LP: NB 1649-1

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Vinyl 1: Suite Lingua Mortis
# Title Rating Length
A1 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 1: Morituri te salutant
4 0:57
A2 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 2: Prelude of Souls
4.5 2:46
A3 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 3: Innocent
4.5 5:37
B1 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 4: Depression
3 1:13
B2 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 5: No Regrets
4 4:53
B3 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 6: Confusion
4 1:46
B4 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 7: Black
4 0:51
B5 Suite Lingua Mortis, Part 8: Beauty
4 3:54
Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 No Fear
4 5:32
C2 Soul Survivor
5 3:42
C3 Full Moon
4 4:54
C4 Kill Your Gods
5 5:14
D1 Turn My World Around
4 3:59
D2 Be With Me or Be Gone
5 3:47
D3 Speak of the Dead
D4 La luna reine
D5 Vollmond
4 4:54


Vinyl 2

additional editor:
Jan Rubach (track D5)
Peter "Peavy" Wagner (tracks C3, D4–D5)
Peter "Peavy" Wagner (tracks C3, D4–D5)
Charlie Bauerfeind (Sound engineer) (track D5)
Rage (German metal band) (track D5)
Charly Czajkowski (track D5)
recording engineer:
Charly Czajkowski (track D5)
has remixes:
Full Moon (International version) by Rage (tracks C3, D4–D5)
later translated versions:
La luna reine (Rage song) (track C3)
Vollmond (Rage song) (track C3)
Полнолуние (Full Moon in Russian by Rage) (track C3)
満ちし月 (Full Moon in Japanese by Rage) (track C3)
recording of:
Full Moon (track C3)
La luna reine (Rage song) (track D4)
Vollmond (Rage song) (track D5)
translated version of:
Full Moon (tracks D4–D5)