CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Christmas as I Knew It
Johnny Cash 2:49
2 Christmas Time's a Comin'
Johnny Cash with The Cash Family 2:15
3 That Christmasy Feeling
Johnny Cash with Tommy Cash 2:15
4 Christmas With You
Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash 2:07
5 Blue Christmas
Johnny Cash 2:24
6 The Little Drummer Boy
Johnny Cash 5 2:36
7 The Gifts They Gave
Johnny Cash 3:34
8 The King of Love
Johnny Cash with The Carter Family also wik The Statler Brothers 2:43
9 Merry Christmas Mary
Johnny Cash 1:58
10 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Johnny Cash 2:31
11 Joy to the World
Johnny Cash 2:07
12 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Johnny Cash 3:39
13 Ringing the Bells for Jim
Johnny Cash 2:47
14 The Christmas Guest
Johnny Cash 4:39
15 The Christmas Spirit
Johnny Cash 5:02
16 Silent Night
Johnny Cash with The Cash Family 2:02


CD 1

additional composer:
Lowell Mason (1839) (track 11)
Johnny Cash (country music legend) (track 10)
Daniel Walker (Australian composer) (track 16)
John Baptiste Calkin (composer) (track 10)
George Frideric Handel (German‐British baroque composer) (track 11)
Johnny Cash (country music legend) (tracks 7, 15)
Franz Xaver Gruber (1818) (track 16)
Katherine K. Davis (1941) (track 6)
Johnny Cash (country music legend) (tracks 7, 15)
Edmund Sears (track 12)
Isaac Watts (hymn writer) (track 11)
Josef Mohr (1816) (track 16)
Katherine K. Davis (1941) (track 6)
John Freeman Young (1859) (track 16)
June Carter Cash (tracks 1, 13)
Bill Hayes (Country-Pop artist) (track 5)
Jan Howard (tracks 1, 13)
Jay Johnson (songwriter of "Blue Christmas") (track 5)
Henry Onorati (1958) (track 6)
Harry Simeone (1958) (track 6)
EMI Mills Music (ASCAP) (track 6)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track 5)
Mills Music, Inc. (1964) (track 6)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (arr. Scott Kritzer) (track 12)
Joy to the World (track 11)
Joy to the World (arr. Johnson and Ricketts) (track 11)
Joy to the World (arr. Aly and AJ) (track 11)
Joy to the World (arr. Keyte & Parrott) (track 11)
Joy to the World (John Rutter's arrangement) (track 11)
Joy to the World (arr. Scott Kritzer) (track 11)
Joy to the World (Geoff Zanelli's arrangement) (track 11)
Joy to the World (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 11)
Joy to the World (Peter Cardinali arrangement) (track 11)
Joy to the World (Our God Reigns) (Sovereign Grace version of Joy to the World) (track 11)
Little Drummer Boy (arr. McCarthy) (track 6)
Midnight Clear (track 12)
Silent Night (Damien Rice song) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Willcocks) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Rutter) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Rose) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Scott Kritzer) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Johnson, orch. Volpi) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Stephen Cleobury) (track 16)
Silent Night (arr. Aly and AJ) (track 16)
Silent Night, Holy Night (arranged by Malcolm Sargent) (track 16)
cover recording of:
Blue Christmas (track 5)
Carol of the Drum (aka “The Little Drummer Boy”) (track 6)
Silent Night (track 16)
has revision:
is based on:
Christmas Bells (track 10)
[untitled] (traditional Czech carol, became “Carol of the Drums”) (track 6)
is the basis for:
Good King Joy (track 11)
Holy Night (track 16)
Joy to the World (Mariah Carey song, based off both the Christmas carol and the Hoyt Axton/Three Dog Night song) (track 11)
Little Drummer Boy (track 6)
PDX-mas Carol (track 11)
later parody versions:
Rapapapam (track 6)
Silent Night (Aqua Teen Hunger Force version) (track 16)
Silent Night (track 16)
The Little Drum Machine Boy (Aqua Teen Hunger Force version) (track 6)
later translated versions:
Līksmi lai skan (Latvian version of English "Joy to the World") (track 11)
Pieni rumpali (track 6)
Pār mazo ciemu ielejā (Latvian version of "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear") (track 12)
Riemuita saa (translated by V. Arti) (track 11)
Riemuita saa! (translated by Hilkka Norkamo) (track 11)
later versions:
Cik lēni snieg (Latvian version of "Blue Christmas") (track 5)
Little Drummer Boy (Poema version of the carol) (track 6)
Silent Night (Lindner version) (track 16)
Silent Night (Elvis Presley version) (track 16)
recording of:
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (carol version) (track 12)
Joy to the World (Christmas carol) (track 11)
referred to in medleys:
Megamix 2 (It Must Be Christmas) (track 16)
Mix 3 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (tracks 6, 16)
Megamix 3 (It Must Be Christmas) (track 5)
Noëls pour cordes (tracks 11–12, 16)
translated version of: