Fountains of Wayne

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Label: Atlantic Records - Cat#: 7567-92725-2 - EAN: 075679272522

There appear to be two cover arts; the one shown on 2017-10-20 is for the Tag releases. The Atlantic releases have a different one.

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CD 1
1Radiation Vibe3.653:41
2Sink to the Bottom3.83:12
3Joe Rey3.252:40
4She's Got a Problem33:28
5Survival Car
background vocals:
Dominique Durand
recording of:
Survival Car
Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger
6Barbara H.2.753:24
7Sick Day34:33
8I've Got a Flair3.252:52
9Leave the Biker3.52:42
10You Curse at Girls32:05
11Please Don't Rock Me Tonight32:51
12Everything's Ruined2.652:44