CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Showdown in Maverick
Liza McLean, Ben Jeffery, William Roberts, Vincent Marzello, Mark Caven, Douglas Blackwell, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Donald Johanos 18:06
2 Rodeo: Introduction to the Music
Aaron Copland 4:25
3 Rodeo: Buckaroo Holiday
Aaron Copland 7:35
4 Rodeo: Corral Nocturne
Aaron Copland 3:48
5 Rodeo: Saturday Night Waltz
Aaron Copland 4:57
6 Rodeo: Hoe-down
Aaron Copland 3:19


CD 1

Aaron Copland (composer) (1942) (tracks 1–6)
Donald Johanos (conductor) (1967-04-20) (tracks 1–6)
Tim Crook (theatrical producer) (track 1)
Dallas Symphony Orchestra (1967-04-20) (tracks 1–6)
Tim Crook (theatrical producer) (track 1)
spoken vocals:
William Roberts (track 2)
spoken vocals [Jamie]:
Ben Jeffery (actor) (track 1)
spoken vocals [Johnson, Big Frank & Davy]:
Vincent Marzello (actor) (track 1)
spoken vocals [narrator, Calhoun & Pete]:
William Roberts (track 1)
spoken vocals [Roy]:
Mark Caven (voice actor) (track 1)
spoken vocals [Sarah]:
Liza McLean (radio actress) (track 1)
spoken vocals [Smilin’ Sanchez]:
Douglas Blackwell (track 1)
Marja Giejgo (playwright) (track 1)
Boosey & Hawkes (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 4)
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (USA, publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 6)
Hoe-Down (catch-all for arrangements) (track 6)
Hoe-Down (for violin, arr. Harris) (track 6)
Hoedown from Rodeo (for brass band, Snell) (track 6)
Rodeo: II. Corral Nocturne (catch-all for arrangements) (track 4)
is based on:
Rodeo (tracks 1–2)
part of:
Rodeo (symphonic version) (tracks 3–6)
partial recording of:
Rodeo (symphonic version) (1967-04-20) (tracks 1–2)
Rodeo: IV. Hoedown (tracks 1–2)
recording of:
Rodeo: I. Buckaroo Holiday (1967-04-20) (track 3)
Rodeo: II. Corral Nocturne (1967-04-20) (track 4)
Rodeo: III. Saturday Night Waltz (1967-04-20) (track 5)
Rodeo: IV. Hoedown (1967-04-20) (track 6)


manufactured in:the EU
copyrighted by:Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (a subsidiary of Singapore’s Times Publishing Group since 1980) (1996)
glass mastered by:MPO (French pressing plant, manufacturing and distribution company)