Somewhere along the way, The Bearded Man realized he was making a terrible mistake. At the beginning of his journey, he set out with a simple goal: to get himself the freedom needed to sustain his wandering, party-ering, beard-growing-by-the-pool lifestyle. So he went and became himself an entrepreneur. It was hard work, but he loved the thrill of going it alone. As he got more into the process, all the other business folk around him started bragging about how they worked 90+ hours last week, how they worked for 14 hours in a row each day for the last 6 weeks, and so on. Never sleeping became a badge of honor. Needless to say, our hero got caught up in the hype. He even put on a *suit* at one point — can you believe that!? He was attending a formal dinner at a mansion with a pool, but of course no one was swimming. They were all way too serious for that. Suddenly, 'Heights' from Shallou came on over the speakers, and The Bearded Man said: "What the hell am I doing!?" He stripped down, grabbed a drink from the waitress, and cannon-balled into the pool, soaking the other guests. He almost went down the wrong path there for a minute, but never fear! He's been keepin' it loungey ever since.


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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Heights 2:55
2 Heights (Extended Mix) 4:27