Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Road to Hell (Part I)
2 4:52
A2 The Road to Hell (Part II)
3.65 4:30
A3 You Must Be Evil
1 4:20
A4 Texas
1 5:09
A5 Looking for a Rainbow
1 8:20
B1 Your Warm and Tender Love
2 4:32
B2 Daytona
1 5:04
B3 That’s What They Always Say
3 4:27
B4 I Just Wanna Be With You
1.5 3:39
B5 Tell Me There’s a Heaven
1 6:00


Vinyl 1

Chris Rea (tracks A1–B5)
Chris Rea (tracks A1–B5)
phonographic copyright by:
Magnet Records Ltd. (1989) (tracks A1–B5)
Magnet Music Ltd. (tracks A3–B5)
part of:
The Road to Hell (tracks A1–A2)
recording of:
Daytona (track B2)
Texas (track A4)
You Must Be Evil (track A3)