Recorded in 1984

Original release:
Label: EMI

Rereleased as disc 6 in a Vaughan Williams Box Set with LPO and Bernard Haitink:
Label: EMI - EAN: 724358602623 - Format: 7CD

Are we sure these should be the same Release record? I see two different DiscID's, mqsyWXSTssd.TjVvE72dAhy_M.o- and oPbGewd21Ha4HVmAwPpxYet1Q3A- . They have almost identical track times, but quite different sector counts. The entry in the boxed set should be based on the boxed set's title, with (disc 6), shouldn't it? -- JimDeLaHunt 2007-12-29.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia Antartica": I. Prelude. Maestoso
Ralph Vaughan Williams 10:16
2 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia Antartica": II. Scherzo. Moderato
Ralph Vaughan Williams 6:29
3 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia Antartica": III. Landscape. Lento
Ralph Vaughan Williams 10:58
4 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia Antartica": IV. Intermezzo. Andante sostenuto
Ralph Vaughan Williams 5:46
5 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia Antartica": V. Epilogue. Alla marcia, moderato (non troppo allegro)
Ralph Vaughan Williams 8:08


CD 1

Malcolm Hicks (1985) (track 3)
balance engineer:
Christopher Parker (classical recording and balance engineer, active from 1950s) (tracks 1–5)
choir vocals:
London Philharmonic Choir (1985) (tracks 1, 5)
chorus master:
Richard Cooke (chorus master/conductor) (1985) (tracks 1, 5)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (English composer) (1949 – 1952) (tracks 1–5)
Bernard Haitink (conductor) (1985) (tracks 1–5)
London Philharmonic Orchestra (1985) (tracks 1–5)
John Fraser (UK producer) (1985) (tracks 1–5)
soprano vocals:
Sheila Armstrong (soprano) (1985) (tracks 1, 5)
recorded at:
part of:
recording of:

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Wikidata:Q2313192 [info]
Wikipedia:en: Sinfonia antartica [info]