English version of their french album "Métamorphose"
Released with an inner lyrics-sleeve
The instrumental "Nuit Des Limbes" keeps it's french title

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Alien 2:34
A2 Majesty 4:50
A3 Death Hymn 5:30
A4 Legend 2:46
A5 Nuit des limbes 2:22
B1 Lost Civilization 2:19
B2 Delirium of a Madman 5:25
B3 Cyclopes of the Lake 3:53
B4 Metamorphosis 4:11


12" Vinyl 1

recording of:
Alien (track A1)
Cyclops of the Lake (track B3)
Death Hymn (track A3)
Legend (track A4)
Lost Civilization (track B1)
Majesty (track A2)
Metamorphosis (track B4)
Nuit des limbes (track A5)
translated version of:
Civilisation perdue (track B1)
Cyclope de l'étang (track B3)
D'ailleurs (track A1)
Délire d’un fou (track B2)
Hymne à la mort (track A3)
Légende (track A4)
Majesté (track A2)
Métamorphose (track B4)