GK#148 c&p 2011 karaoke/various artists
released December 24, 2011

"A Grindcore Christmas"

This collection of "Holiday Classics" was assembled and produced by Phillip Acevedo (Robo! Robotica) and Joshua Decker (Grindthieves Intl).

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Artwork & design by Gustav Germann |

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Happy Holidays from Grindthieves Int, Robo! Robotica & Grindcore Karaoke.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Remix
Ryan Page 3:46
2 The Workshop Massacre
James Doesn't Exist 2:07
3 Snowball
Unnatural Selection 0:52
4 Like every other Amuurikan Holiday, if you Celebrate it you Hate the Red Man
Tooth Eye 2:54
5 Thunderbolt
Dead Neanderthals 1:06
6 Reigndeer in Blood
Buried at Birth 2:45
7 Capitalist Gift Day
M.O.S.E.S. 5:53
8 Santa is Satan Misspelled
Totally Pissed off 0:26
9 Evil Christmas
Kusari Gama Kill 1:00
10 Go Go Bukkake Xmas Mayan Dream Match
Kindergarten Hazing Ritual 1:33
11 The Chimney
The Bloody Flux 2:03
12 Christmas Corpse Paint
Munkie Poo 3:26
13 Saving the Snow Princess
Pow, Pow, Slam 2:23
14 Santa's not Here
Girls Run Funny 0:33
15 All I Need for Xmas is a Scumbag Summer
Xrin Arms 4:29
16 Santa said "what's wrong with you?"
Silly Idols feat. The Toilet 1:31
17 Totalitarian Christmas Corporation
Totalitarian Hippie Corporation 0:36
18 Grim The Frostbitten Snowman
Bastards 1:52
19 Santa's got a Brand New Bag
Agoraphobic Nosebleed 0:21
20 Puss and Eggnog
Stress Orphan 6:15
21 Just Another Day at the Mansion (Children of the Mistletoe Mix)
Cupcake 1:58
22 The Little Blastbeat Boy
Tenderloin Hooker Needles 1:09
23 God Bless The Children This Christmas
Sakura Pups 0:45
24 Something to Celebrate
Clawz feat. p.WRECKS 1:55
25 Trippin' Snowballs
Bubbles 5:51
26 Die Fire
Fetal Demise 1:06
27 Joy to the World
The Circulatory System 2:49
28 Blue Christmas
A Beautiful Lotus 2:59