Label: Chrysalis - Catalog #: 21664 - Format: CD - Release: 1988 (US)
Label: Fontana - Catalog #: 834 291-2 - Format: CD - Release: 1988 (UK)
Label: Chrysalis - Catalog #: FV 41664 - Format: LP - Release: 1988 (US)

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Somewhere in America There's a Street Named After My Dad
2 Spy in the House of Love
3 Out Come the Freaks
4 Earth to Doris
5 Love Can Be Bad Luck
6 Boy's Gone Crazy
7 11 MPH (Abe Zapp Ruder version)
8 What Up, Dog?
9 Anything Can Happen
10 Robot Girl
11 Wedding Vows in Vegas
12 Anytime Lisa
13 Walk the Dinosaur
5 4:22
14 I Can't Turn You Loose
15 Shadow and Jimmy
16 Dad I'm in Jail


CD 1

David Was (track 13)
Don Was (track 13)
Randy Jacobs (track 13)
David Was (tracks 2, 13)
Don Was (tracks 2, 13)
Semper Fi (track 13)
later translated versions:
Walk the Dinosaur (Japanese Version) (track 13)
recording of:
Walk the Dinosaur (track 13)


strings arranger: Louis Fagenson
Richard Niles
Paul Riser
flute, harmonica, keyboard and saxophone: David Was
guitar: Stevie Salas
bass, guitar, keyboard, mandolin and synthesizer: Don Was
keyboard: Daniel Schroeger
saxophone: David McMurray
additional producer: John Lewis (producer, Motown engineer, owned Sound Suite in Detroit)
Jack Tann
arranger: Harry Bowens
background vocals: Sweet Pea Atkinson
Harry Bowens
engineer: Peter Barker
Michael Bosley
Michael H. Brauer (engineer)
Steve "Barney" Chase
Lincoln Clapp
Phil Da Costa
David Dachinger
Roland Herrington
Chris Irwin
Troy Krueger
Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Tom O'Leary
Mike Pela
Martin Phillipps
John Potoker
Micajah Ryan
Allen Sides
Kevin Smith (engineer and producer)
Don Was
Paul Wright (UK recording engineer)
executive producer: David Bates (Producer)
guest trumpet: Marcus Belgrave
Rayse Biggs
Oscar Brashear
Buddy Childers
Mark Isham
guest drums: Yogi Horton
Russ Kunkel
Ron Pangborn
Winston Watson
guest guitar: Dann Huff
Paul Jackson, Jr.
Randy Jacobs
Bruce Nazarian
guest bass: Marcus Miller (jazz musician)
John Patitucci
Neil Stubenhaus
guest brass and horn: John Barclay (trumpeter)
Guy Barker
Pete Beachill
Jerry Hey
Kim Hutchcroft
Philip Todd (brass player)
guest brass, horn and saxophone: Larry Williams (keyboard,sax,flute)
guest percussion: Alex Acuña
Debra Dobkin
Michael Fisher (Percussionist)
Larry Fratangelo
David Friendly
Frank Ricotti
Carl “Butch” Small (percussionist)
Kevin "Guido" Techirhart
Kevin Tschirhart
guest keyboard: Amp Fiddler
Vic Emerson
Al Kooper
Martin Phillipps
Luis Resto
Robin Smith (songwriter)
John Van Tongeren
Paul Wickens
Aaron Zigman
guest saxophone: John Weiss
guest horn: Christopher Davies (horn player)
Dan Higgins (saxophonist and woodwind recording artist)
Bill Reichenbach, Jr. (jazz trombonist)
John Thirkell
guest horn and strings: Stuart Brooks
guest background vocals: Desy Campbell
Richard Feldstein
Geoff Fieger
Coral Gordon
Carol Hall (composer)
Kathy Kosins
Allen Lenard
Dee Lewis
Arthur Marbury
Arnold McCuller
Donald Ray Mitchell
Rick Shoemaker
Pete Steinfeld
Helen Terry
Ruby Turner
guest vocals: Juliet Roberts (British jazz, rock, and house music singer)
Frank Sinatra, Jr.
mastering: Jacko (UK mastering engineer Jack Adams)
mixer: David Dachinger
Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Allen Sides
David Was
Don Was
producer: Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Stevie Salas
Daniel Schroeger
David Was
Don Was
T. Bone Was
vocals: David Was
Don Was
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