Matte Digipak w/booklet inserted into the front flap; track 9 is mentioned in the booklet, but not on the back art & a track called "Stargazing" is listed as a bonus track on the inside flap (where the bonus tracks are listed), along with the other 2 bonus tracks, but it doesn't actually appear on the release. However, it's a bonus track on the download version.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Consciousness of Love
Delerium feat. Stef Lang 4:38
2 Monarch
Delerium feat. Nadina 5:19
3 Days Turn Into Nights
Delerium feat. Michael Logen 6:09
4 Chrysalis Heart
Delerium feat. Stef Lang 3:51
5 Light Your Light
Delerium feat. Jaël 5:39
6 Raindown
Delerium 5:49
7 Sky (Tears From Heaven)
Delerium feat. Kristy Thirsk 7:11
8 Hammer
Delerium feat. Leona Naess 5:34
9 Awakening
Delerium feat. Nadina 6:46
10 Frostbite
Delerium feat. Anna-Lynne Williams 6:02
11 Keyless Door
Delerium feat. Azure Ray 5:06
12 Music Box Opera
Delerium 5:32
13 Lock Down
Delerium feat. Kristy Thirsk 4:20
14 Still Kill
Delerium feat. Leigh Nash 6:21


CD 1

Stef Lang (tracks 1, 4)

Release Group

associated singles/EPs: Chrysalis Heart by Delerium feat. Stef Lang
Days Turn Into Nights by Delerium
Monarch by Delerium
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Wikidata: Q6941452 [info]