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CD 1: The Leftist Roots of the Folk Revival
1The Boll Weevil
Carl Sandburg2:38
2Patriotic Diggers
John Allison2:22
3London’s Bridge Is Falling Down
Charles Seeger
recording of:
London Bridge Is Falling Down (nursery rhyme)
lyricist and composer:
[traditional] (special purpose artist)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 502)
Charles Seeger1:06
4Risselty Rosselty
Charles Seeger and Ruth Crawford Seeger
recording of:
Risselty Rosselty
lyricist and composer:
[traditional] (special purpose artist)
Charles & Ruth Crawford Seeger1:08
5Old Grey MareRuth Crawford Seeger0:37
6HandsCharles Seeger2:42
7Ragged Hungry Blues, Part 1
Aunt Molly Jackson2:36
8Ragged Hungry Blues, Part 2
Aunt Molly Jackson2:57
9I’m Going to Organize, Baby Mine
Sarah Ogan Gunning1:21
10I Don’t Want Your Millions, Mister
Tillman Cadle1:40
11Raggedy, Raggedy
John Handcox1:33
12No More Mourning
John Handcox1:07
13Join the Union Tonight
John Handcox0:45
14We’re Going to Roll the Union On
John Handcox1:01
15There Is Mean Things Happening in This Land
John Handcox0:48
16Farmer’s Letter to the President
Bob Ferguson2:59
17Farm Relief Blues
Bob Miller2:56
1811 Cent Cotton, 40 Cent Meat
Bob's Boys2:56
19The Hootenanny Song
Miller’s Bullfrog Entertainers3:14
20Bank Failures
Bob Ferguson and His Scalawaggers3:18
21The Rich Man and the Poor Man
recording of:
Rich Man and the Poor Man
lyricist and composer:
Bob Miller (songwriter, producer) and Jack Stanley (songwriter)
Bob Miller2:59
22The Poor Forgotten Man
Bill Palmer2:45
23The Soup Song
The New Singers2:35
24The Internationale
The New Singers2:15
25Rise Up (Comintern)
The New Singers2:24
26United Front
The New Singers1:55
27Forward, We’ve Not Forgotten
The New Singers2:12
28In Praise of Learning
The New Singers1:46
29On the Picket Line
The Manhattan Chorus2:56
30Hold the Fort
recording of:
Hold the Fort (traditional labor song)
[traditional] (special purpose artist)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 1774)
version of:
Hold the Fort
The Manhattan Chorus3:05
31Casey Jones
recording of:
Casey Jones—the Union Scab
Joe Hill (early 1900s US songwriter) (in 1911)
parody version of:
The Ballad of Casey Jones
The Manhattan Chorus3:01
32Sit Down
The Manhattan Chorus1:56
33Write Me Out My Union Card
The Manhattan Chorus1:32
34We Shall Not Be Moved
The Manhattan Chorus1:42
35Join the Union
The Manhattan Chorus1:47
36Solidarity Forever
cover recording of:
Solidarity Forever
Ralph Chaplin (from 1914 until 1915-01-15)
[traditional] (special purpose artist)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 15158)
is based on:
John Brown’s Body
The Manhattan Chorus2:46
CD 2: Theatre and Cabaret Performers 1936–1941
1The Strange Funeral in Braddock
Mordecai Bauman & Elie Siegmeister7:08
2Abraham Lincoln, Parts 1 & 2
Earl Robinson5:18
3Joe Hill
Earl Robinson2:32
4Spring Song
Paul Robeson3:36
5The Old Chisholm Trail
Tony Kraber2:59
6Old Paint (The Horse With the Union Label)
Saul Aarons3:07
7Capitalistic Boss, Parts 1 & 2
Saul Aarons6:58
8Little Theater on the Right
Harrison Dowd2:29
9Little Theater on the Left
Harrison Dowd2:42
10Nine Foot Shovel
Josh White2:40
11Chain Gang Boun’
Josh White2:59
Bill White (brother of blues singer Josh White)
Josh White (American folk-blues singer/songwriter)
Sam Gary, Bill White (brother of blues singer Josh White) and Josh White (American folk-blues singer/songwriter)
Josh White3:19
13Goin’ Home Boys
Josh White2:52
14Cryin’ Who? Cryin’ You! Parts 1 & 2
Josh White5:44
15Told My Captain
Josh White3:17
Josh White2:45
17Southern Exposure
Josh White3:06
18Uncle Sam Says
Josh White (American folk-blues singer/songwriter)
Josh White (American folk-blues singer/songwriter)
Josh White2:39
19Jim Crow Train
Josh White3:03
20Bad Housing Blues
Josh White (American folk-blues singer/songwriter)
Josh White (American folk-blues singer/songwriter)
Josh White2:33
21Hard Time Blues
Josh White2:43
22Defense Factory Blues
Josh White2:41
CD 3: The Almanac Singers: March 1941 – April 1941
1Strange Death of John Doe
The Almanac Singers1:24
2Billy Boy
The Almanac Singers2:17
3C for Conscription
The Almanac Singers1:29
4Washington Breakdown
The Almanac Singers1:28
5Lisa Jane
The Almanac Singers2:39
6Ballad of October 16th
The Almanac Singers2:42
7Plow Under
The Almanac Singers2:21
8Talking Union
The Almanac Singers2:57
9Union Train
The Almanac Singers2:18
10Which Side Are You On?
The Almanac Singers2:05
11Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
The Almanac Singers2:34
12Union Maid
recording of:
Union Maid
Woody Guthrie (American singer-songwriter) (in 1940)
Kerry Mills
is based on:
Red Wing
The Almanac Singers2:09
13All I Want
The Almanac Singers2:57
14Songs for Bridges
The Almanac Singers3:06
15Babe o’ Mine
Woody Guthrie2:43
16Blow Ye Winds, Heigh Ho
The Almanac Singers2:43
17Haul Away, Joe
The Almanac Singers3:12
18Blow the Man Down
recording of:
Blow the Man Down
lyricist and composer:
[traditional] (special purpose artist)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 2624)
The Almanac Singers2:32
19The Golden Vanity
The Almanac Singers3:02
20Away, Rio
recording of:
Rio Grande (Roud 317)
lyricist and composer:
[traditional] (special purpose artist)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 317)
The Almanac Singers2:21
21The Coast of High Barbary
The Almanac Singers2:30
22Greenland Fishing
The Almanac Singers2:49
23The Dodger Song
The Almanac Singers2:35
24Ground Hog
The Almanac Singers2:36
25State of Arkansas
The Almanac Singers2:43
26Hard, Ain’t It Hard
The Almanac Singers2:33
27I Ride an Old Paint
The Almanac Singers2:33
28House of the Rising Sun
The Almanac Singers2:53
29The Weaver’s Song
The Almanac Singers2:37
CD 4: Fighting the Fascists: 1942–1944
CD 5: World War II and the Folk Revival
CD 6: The People’s Songs Era: 1945–1949
CD 7: Pete Seeger: 1946–1948
CD 8: Charter Records: 1946–1949
CD 9: Campaign Songs: 1944–1949
CD 10: An Era Closes: 1949–1953