Producer – Arabian Prince, The
Featured in Eddie Murphy's "Coming To America" Film

Licensed from "Dream Team Recording".

(C) Cover-Design: Lashmar Record Company (Europe)
Other (Label Code): LC 8559

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Supersonic (Flim Flam remix)
J.J. Fad 7:40
2 "Anotha Ho" (original U.S.A. mix)
J.J. Fad 3:15
3 Supersonic (vocal version)
J.J. Fad 4:12
4 Freak City (remix)
J.B. Beat 4:18


CD 1

Baby D (Dania Maria Birks, member of J.J. Fad) (tracks 1, 3)
Crazy J. (tracks 1, 3)
M.C.J.B. (Juana Michelle Burns) (tracks 1, 3)
Kim Nazel (tracks 1, 3)
Fatima Shaheed (tracks 1, 3)
recording of:
Supersonic (tracks 1, 3)


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