Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Stay Hungry 5 3:04
A2 We’re Not Gonna Take It 4.45 3:40
A3 Burn in Hell 3.5 4:43
A4 Horror‐Teria (The Beginning): A) Captain Howdy B) Street Justice 2 7:44
B1 I Wanna Rock 4.55 3:03
B2 The Price 3 3:50
B3 Don’t Let Me Down 4 4:28
B4 The Beast 3 3:29
B5 S.M.F. 3 3:01


Cassette 1

Dee Snider (tracks A1–A4, A4–B5)
Geoff Workman (track A2)
Dee Snider (tracks A1–A4, A4–B5)
Geoff Workman (track A2)
Tom Werman (track A2)
Universal Tunes (tracks A1–A4, A4–B5)
compilation of:
is the basis for:
Goofy Goober Rock (SpongeBob SquarePants) (track B1)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
愛のヒーロー (track A2)
recording of:
Burn in Hell (track A3)
Captain Howdy (track A4)
Don’t Let Me Down (track B3)
I Wanna Rock (track B1)
S.M.F. (track B5)
Stay Hungry (track A1)
Street Justice (track A4)
The Beast (track B4)
The Price (track B2)
We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister song) (track A2)
referred to in medleys:
Hooked on Polkas (track A2)