Label: Warner Bros. Records - Catalog #: WS4-2750 (LP)/L5W-2750 (CS)/2-2750 (CD)

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Song to See You Through 4:08
2 Spirit 3:16
3 Pursuit on 53rd St. 2:36
4 Black Water 5 4:21
5 Eyes of Silver 3:01
6 Road Angel 4:48
7 You Just Can’t Stop It 3:31
8 Tell Me What You Want (And I’ll Give You What You Need) 3:55
9 Down in the Track 4:18
10 Another Park, Another Sunday 4:31
11 Daughters of the Sea 4:35
12 Flying Cloud 2:00


CD 1

Patrick Simmons (track 4)
Tom Johnston (guitarist and vocalist with "The Doobie Brothers") (track 5)
guest piano:
James Booker (track 9)
Tom Johnston (guitarist and vocalist with "The Doobie Brothers") (track 5)
has remixes:
later parody versions:
That Daughter (track 4)
recording of:
Black Water (track 4)
Eyes of Silver (track 5)


engineer:Lee Herschberg
Donn Landee
producer:Ted Templeman
horn arranger:Wayne Jackson (trumpet/trombone (Memphis Horns/Mar-Keys))
Andrew Love
The Memphis Horns
mastering:Lee Herschberg
bass:Tiran Porter
guest congas, percussion and timbales:Eddie Guzman
guest frame drum, marimba, percussion and tabla:Milt Holland
guest harmonica and harp:Arlo Guthrie (American folk singer-songwriter)
guest horn:James Mitchell (US saxophonist/arranger)
guest saxophone:Andrew Love
guest trombone:Jack Hale (trombone)
guest trumpet:Wayne Jackson (trumpet/trombone (Memphis Horns/Mar-Keys))
guest viola:Novi Novog
guitar:Tom Johnston (guitarist and vocalist with "The Doobie Brothers")
Patrick Simmons
guitar and steel guitar:Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
keyboard:Bill Payne
membranophone:John Hartman
Michael Hossack
percussion:Ted Templeman
background vocals:Keith Knudsen
vocals:Tom Johnston (guitarist and vocalist with "The Doobie Brothers")
Tiran Porter
Patrick Simmons
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ASIN:US: B000002KF4 [info]