12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 You Gotta Tell Me
The Downbeats 2:43
A2 A Stitch in Time
Bean & Loopy's Lot 1:41
A3 Sweet Polly
The Blue Birds 2:56
A4 Come on Closer
The Daimlers 2:29
A5 Daddy Rolling Stone
The Upsetters 2:00
A6 Angelita
Mod East 2:06
A7 Roadrunner
A-Cads 2:31
A8 Mister Mystified
Evil Eyes 2:47
B1 Any Time
The Interpreters 3:27
B2 She'll Stay
Het 2:18
B3 I Guess So
The Acts 2:28
B4 Baby, Baby, Baby Pity Me
Wayne Gibson and Dynamic Sounds 2:08
B5 Always and Ever
Midnatt Fryan 2:12
B6 I Want You for My Own
Sandy Coast 1:52
B7 It Won't Be Easy
The Downbeats 2:28
B8 Lost My Girl
Rick & Sandy 2:59


Release Group

part of: Diggin’ for Gold (number: 6)