Elliptical Sun Melodies proudly presents the second installment from the genius musical team of Valentin & Roald Velden who for our 8th release brought us the amazing top seller titled "Away From Here". This time around they are back with another sensational melodic heart melter titled "No Time To Lose" which is everything you would expect from these two established producers and is indefinitely an amazing follow up to their last release with us. On remix duties we have the dynamic duo Blood Groove & Kikis, the owner and operator of WeRecommendRecords Jan Sulocki and the amazingly talented mind of Alexey Sorokin...all of which bring a gorgeous rendition to the table. First up to kick off the release we have the "Original Mix" which is an incredibly crafted melodic serenade, packing bass laden kicks, smooth pads, light and airy melodies, warm rich bass and an over-all top shelf structure that does nothing but justice for these two men and the names they've made for themselves. Next up we have the "Blood Groove & Kikis Remix" which many of you will already know is an absolute stellar production, since anything these guys touch basically turns to gold. Packing their classic pack of sexy samples and track structure, the boys really bring out the greatest aspects of the original while providing an over the top experience that is sure to leave any fan of their work 100%% satisfied. Up next we have the warm and comfy "Sulocki Remix" which is an absolute hail to the die-hard melodic lovers, bringing some light kicks, stylish builds and an all-around melodic driven influence that is sure to crack a smile on any face. Last but not least we have the "Alexey Sorokin Remix" which is an incredibly impressive and stylishly executed remix that brings a nice retro/disco influence to the track...definitely one remix we were incredibly impressed by with its chunky kicks, crashing snare, warm chords and all-around lovely feel. We truly hope you all enjoy this next release and hope you find a little something in here that is just right for you.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 No Time to Lose
2 No Time to Lose (Alexey Sorokin remix)
3 No Time to Lose (Blood Groove & Kikis remix)
4 No Time to Lose (Sulocki remix)