180-Gram vinyl cut from the original analog Master

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 All I Really Want
3.45 4:45
A2 You Oughta Know
3.9 4:09
A3 Perfect
3 3:08
A4 Hand in My Pocket
4.15 3:41
A5 Right Through You
3.3 2:56
A6 Forgiven
3.3 5:00
B1 You Learn
3.65 3:59
B2 Head Over Feet
3.45 4:27
B3 Mary Jane
3 4:40
B4 Ironic
4.15 3:49
B5 Not the Doctor
3 3:47
B6 Wake Up
3 4:53


12" Vinyl 1

Rob Ladd (track A3)
Matt Laug (tracks A2, A5–A6, B3, B6)
membranophone and percussion:
Rob Ladd (track B4)
Benmont Tench (tracks A2, A5–B1, B3, B6)
Michael Thompson (American arranger, keyboardist, trombonist, accordionist and drummer) (tracks A3, B4)
Glen Ballard (tracks A3, B4)
Basil Fung (tracks A3, B4)
guitar and keyboard:
Glen Ballard (tracks B1–B2, B5)
Alanis Morissette (tracks A1, A4, B2)
Flea (US bassist) (track A2)
Lance Morrison (tracks A3, A5–A6, B3–B4, B6)
Glen Ballard (track A6)
guitar family:
Glen Ballard (track B3)
Michael Landau (track A6)
Dave Navarro (track A2)
Joel Shearer (track A5)
guitar family and keyboard:
Glen Ballard (tracks A1, A4, B6)
additional recording engineer:
Chris Fogel (engineer) (tracks A1–A2)
David Schiffman (track A2)
Chris Fogel (engineer) (track A2)
Glen Ballard (tracks A1–B6)
Alanis Morissette (tracks A1–B6)
contains samples by:
Gota Yashiki (track A1)
Alanis Morissette (tracks A1–B6)
Glen Ballard (track A4)
Jimmy Boyelle (track A2)
Francis Buckley (track A3)
Chris Fogel (engineer) (tracks A1, A5–B6)
Glen Ballard (tracks A1–B6)
Glen Ballard (tracks A1–A2, B1, B6)
recording engineer:
Glen Ballard (tracks A1–A4, B1–B6)
Chris Fogel (engineer) (tracks A5–B1, B3, B6)
Ted Blaisdell (tracks A2–A3, B4)
Alanis Morissette (tracks A1–B6)
Aerostation Corporation ( – ????) (track A2)
Arlovol Music (tracks A1–A2, B4)
MCA Music Publishing (renamed since c. 1996 as Universal Music Publishing Group) ( – ????) (track A2)
Songs of Universal, Inc. (tracks A1–A2)
Vanhurst Place Music ( – ????) (track A2)
Vanhurst Place Music (tracks A1, B4)
Alanis by Neil Cicierega (track A2)
sampled by:
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 358) (track A2)
later parody versions:
Aaronic (track B4)
Ironic Dick (track B4)
You Gotta Go (track A2)
recording of:
All I Really Want (track A1)
Forgiven (Alanis Morissette song) (track A6)
Hand in My Pocket (track A4)
Head Over Feet (track B2)
Ironic (track B4)
Mary Jane (Alanis Morissette song) (track B3)
Not the Doctor (track B5)
Perfect (track A3)
Right Through You (track A5)
Wake Up (track B6)
You Learn (track B1)
You Oughta Know (track A2)
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Release Group

associated singles/EPs: All I Really Want by Alanis Morissette
Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morissette
Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette
Ironic by Alanis Morissette
Superstar Wonderful Weirdos by Alanis Morissette
You Learn by Alanis Morissette
You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
covers: Strung Out on Jagged Little Pill: The String Quartet Tribute to Alanis Morissette by Vitamin String Quartet
The String Quartet Tribute to Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill by Vitamin String Quartet
included in: Original Album Series by Alanis Morissette
live performances: Jagged Little Pill, Live by Alanis Morissette
part of: Music Canada Certified Double Diamond Albums
Music Canada Certified Diamond Albums
Music Canada Certified Nine Times Platinum Albums
Music Canada Certified Eight Times Platinum Albums
Juno Awards: Album of the Year (number: 1996)
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