12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Eastern Music
The Mode 2:21
A2 Marmalade Hair
Wimple Winch 2:54
A3 World Spinning Sadly
The Parking Lot 2:58
A4 Defecting Grey
The Pretty Things 4:21
A5 The Kid Was a Killer
Keith West 2:26
A6 Indian Thing
Shotgun Express 2:57
A7 Tracy Took a Trip
The Executive 2:46
A8 Lollipop Music
Wimple Winch 3:06
B1 You Break My Heart
The Talismen 2:04
B2 Walking Through My Dreams
The Pretty Things 4 3:30
B3 Love
Bo Street Runners 2:54
B4 Sweet Love
Sons of Fred 2:51
B5 Bluebell Wood
Wimple Winch 3:27
B6 Knocking Nails Into My House
The Idle Race 2:21
B7 After Tea
The Spencer Davis Group 3:13
B8 Rosecrans Boulevard
Gordon Waller 2:44


Release Group

part of:Rubble (number: 2)