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Digital Media 1
1pretty thing
LiL Lotus3:20
2dead to me
LiL Lotus3:58
LiL Lotus2:48
LiL Lotus2:49
5i’m trying
LiL Lotus feat. Lil Raven2:52
6Feeling like shit
LiL Lotus feat. Smrtdeath2:44
7Kiss My Eyelids
LiL Lotus3:19
8Black Leather
LiL Lotus feat. Coldhart3:13
9Run Home
LiL Lotus2:46
LiL Lotus2:20
11i don’t wanna die rn
LiL Lotus3:14
12I can’t do this
LiL Lotus2:59
LiL Lotus feat. Lil Zubin2:23
14Barely Breathing
LiL Lotus feat. Coldhart2:53
15Golden Boy
LiL Lotus3:20
16Sleep Paralysis
LiL Lotus3:27
17I Wish I Was Better Than I Am
LiL Lotus3:23
18Scared to Die
LiL Lotus2:25
19i don’t think that u see me
LiL Lotus feat. Horse Head3:24
20see u around
LiL Lotus feat. Horse Head3:14
LiL Lotus feat. Horse Head3:05
LiL Lotus feat. Horse Head2:42
23hollow tips
LiL Lotus feat. 93FEETOFSMOKE & Fats’e2:56
LiL Lotus3:12
25Let Me Die Here
LiL Lotus feat. SCUM3:00
26what i do to u?
LiL Lotus feat. Slug Christ2:28
27Wanna be ur last one
LiL Lotus2:58
28just a memory
LiL Lotus feat. Lil Zubin2:52
29Make that back
LiL Lotus feat. Macho Randy2:18
30Bury Your Bones
LiL Lotus4:10
31Take u With Me
LiL Lotus5:03
32Never meant to
LiL Lotus feat. SCUM2:49
33I know u miss me
LiL Lotus feat. Brady Amour3:53
34Let’s go
LiL Lotus feat. Fats’e2:59
35baby its whatever
LiL Lotus1:44
36ill be fine
LiL Lotus feat. SCUM2:15
37Turning in My Sheets
LiL Lotus2:45
38Closing My Eyes in the Dark
LiL Lotus feat. 93FEETOFSMOKE2:25
39Need u like that
LiL Lotus feat. Glden3:08
40Six Feet Sleep
LiL Lotus3:18
41Skin + Bones
LiL Lotus feat. Fats’e2:43
42Make It Home
LiL Lotus2:27
LiL Lotus feat. Yungjzaisdead2:41
44Left Alone
LiL Lotus2:56



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