This is the new single from Jake Downs, taken from his forthcoming debut album ‘Fracture’, which will be released on the 2nd December.

Originally from Devon the 22-year-old was signed to the abstract pop label Vox Humana Records when the label stumbled across an iPhone voice memo recording on SoundCloud of what became Jake’s first single. Brought up on a diet of Kate Bush and Björk Jake’s musical upbringing has had a clear impact on his own releases, with influences ranging from Beyoncé and Justin Bieber to Stockhausen and Anohni.

The track was recorded at Café Music Studios in East London. It was mixed by Erland Cooper of The Magnetic North, who breathed a sense of immediacy and effortless confidence into the song, doing justice to the album’s dark intricacy.

‘Chrysalis’ feels like the beginning of Jake piecing himself back together after a troubled time of heartbreak, death and misplaced love and is the perfect way to introduce his developing sound.

Released by:
Vox Humana Records

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