12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Pictures in the Sky
The Orange Seaweed 3:00
A2 You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
The Glass Menagerie 2:26
A3 Real Life Permanent Dream
Orange Machine 3:17
A4 Jump and Dance
The Carnaby 2:39
A5 Hare Krishna
The New Formula 4:14
A6 So Sad Inside
The Onyx 2:35
A7 The Flying Machine
The Flying Machine 2:38
A8 You Said
The Primitives 2:22
B1 You Gotta Be With Me
The Onyx 2:35
B2 My World Fell Down
The Ivy League 2:51
B3 Blue Turns to Grey
The Epics 2:54
B4 Cloudy
Factotums 1:55
B5 Better Make Up Your Mind
The Koobas 2:30
B6 I'm a Hog for You
Erky Grant & The Earwigs 2:08
B7 Help Me
The Primitives 3:40
B8 Within the Night
Velvett Fogg 4:46


Release Group

part of:Rubble (number: 7)
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