12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Bent Out of Shape
Aye Nako 0:57
A2 Two Face
Cheeky 1:28
A3 Make Amends
Black Rainbow 1:38
A4 Couch
Dead Dog 1:29
A5 Things You Say
Sourpatch 1:56
A6 Things Fall Apart
Little Lungs 2:29
A7 Michael Jordan Saved My Life
Slingshot Dakota 4:41
A8 Stop Calling
The Measure [sa] 2:13
A9 Hey Kid
The New Dress 3:36
B1 Flatland
No More 3:16
B2 TV Shows
Noun 2:48
B3 Too Late
The Two Funerals 2:03
B4 Crybaby
Shellshag 2:04
B5 Uncontrollable Decay
The Homewreckers 1:29
B6 Entendre
P.S. Eliot 2:21
B7 Grey
Witches 3:00
B8 The Needle and the Damage Done
Full Of Fancy 3:42