Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Spirit of Radio 4.5 5:15
A2 Red Barchetta 4 6:45
A3 YYZ 4 7:44
A4 A Passage to Bangkok 5 3:43
A5 Closer to the Heart 4.5 3:06
A6 Beneath, Between & Behind 4.5 2:31
A7 Jacob’s Ladder 8:39
B1 Broon’s Bane 4 1:35
B2 The Trees 4:30
B3 Xanadu 12:33
B4 Freewill 4.5 5:31
B5 Tom Sawyer 5 4:58
B6 La Villa Strangiato 4 9:37


Cassette 1

recorded in:
United Kingdom (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (tracks A4–A6)
Geddy Lee (tracks A1–A5, A7, B2–B6)
Alex Lifeson (tracks A1–A2, A4–B6)
Neil Peart (tracks A3, B6)
Terry Brown (Producer) (tracks A1–A3, B1, B4–B6)
Andy Rose (UK engineer, Mobile One/Fleetwood Mobile) (tracks A4–A6)
Neil Peart (tracks A1–A2, A4–A7, B2–B5)
Pye Dubois (track B5)
Peter Talbot (track A5)
Paul Northfield (tracks A1–A6, B1, B4–B6)
Rush (Canadian rock trio) (track A3)
Rush (Canadian rock trio) (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (tracks A4–A6)
Rush (Canadian rock trio) (1981-03-27) (tracks A1–A2, B1, B4–B6)
Terry Brown (Producer) (tracks A1–A6, B1, B4–B6)
Core Music Publishing (tracks A1, A7, B4)
Ole (Germany) (track A3)
Ole Core Music Publishing (tracks A2–A3, B5)
フジパシフィック音楽出版 (– 2014-12-31) (track A5)
フジパシフィックミュージック (2015-01-01 –) (track A5)
recorded at:
The Apollo in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (tracks A4–A7)
Montreal Forum in Shaughnessy Village, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (1981-03-27) (tracks A1–A3, B1–B6)
is the basis for:
Closer To The Plot (track A5)
later parody versions:
Tom Saw Ya (track B5)
Tom Servo (track B5)
later versions:
Closer to the Heart (Oompah version) (track A5)
live recording of:
A Passage to Bangkok (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (track A4)
Beneath, Between & Behind (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (track A6)
Closer to the Heart (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (track A5)
Jacob’s Ladder (1980-06-10 – 1980-06-11) (track A7)
Broon’s Bane (1981-03-27) (track B1)
Freewill (1981-03-27) (track B4)
La Villa Strangiato (1981-03-27) (track B6)
Red Barchetta (1981-03-27) (track A2)
The Spirit of Radio (1981-03-27) (track A1)
The Trees (1981-03-27) (track B2)
Tom Sawyer (1981-03-27) (track B5)
Xanadu (Rush song) (1981-03-27) (track B3)
YYZ (1981-03-27) (track A3)