12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Sula's Count
Franklin 2:44
A2 Vision Giving Light
Cap’n Jazz 2:08
A3 Nemo
Assfactor 4 1:06
A4 Calm
Shroomunion 1:59
A5 Straight Past Me
Red Forty 2:29
A6 Something Pretty for Someone (instrumental)
Soophie Nun Squad 0:47
A7 Sore Throat
Thumbnail 3:20
B1 In Memory of a Stranger
Mohinder 3:10
B2 And It Needs a...
Current 3:20
B3 Processional
Plunger 3:38
B4 [untitled]
Julia 5:23
B5 New Face (acoustic)
Ordination of Aaron 5:43