CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Theme From Jurassic Park John Williams 3:21
2 Colours of Love (Made in America) Lisa Fischer 4:19
3 Almost Unreal (Super Mario Brothers) Roxette 4:00
4 Theme from Sommersby Danny Elfman 4:48
5 I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (Benny & Joon) The Proclaimers 4.15 3:33
6 Top of the World (Last of the Mohicans) Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman 2:43
7 I Don’t Wanna Fight (What’s Love Got To Do With It) Tina Turner 4:21
8 A River Runs Through It Mark Isham 2:23
9 Get It Up (Poetic Justice) TLC 4:00
10 Can’t Help Falling in Love (Sliver) UB40 3.8 3:29
11 The Crying Game Boy George 3:22
12 No Ordinary Love (Indecent Proposal) Sade 5:17
13 Tarzan Boy (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III) Baltimora 3:50
14 I Will Find You (The Last of the Mohicans) Clannad 1:51
15 What’s Love Got to Do With It Tina Turner 4.15 3:47
16 Stars and Stripes Forever (A Few Good Men) John Philip Sousa 3:33


CD 1

Graham Jarvis (UK session drummer) (track 15)
Simon Morton (track 15)
Billy Livsey (track 15)
background vocals:
Tessa Niles (track 15)
Maurizio Bassi (track 13)
Per Gessle (track 3)
Geoff Stephens (track 11)
John Philip Sousa (conductor and composer) (1896) (track 16)
Pete Schwier (track 11)
John Hudson (producer, recording and mixing engineer) (track 15)
lead vocals:
Tina Turner (track 15)
Per Gessle (track 3)
Naimy Hackett (track 13)
Geoff Stephens (track 11)
John Hudson (producer, recording and mixing engineer) (track 15)
Clannad (track 14)
Boy George (track 11)
Ciarán Brennan (track 14)
Pet Shop Boys (track 11)
Pete Gleadall (track 11)
Boy George (track 11)
Sade Adu (track 12)
Ciarán Brennan (track 14)
Luigi Creatore (track 10)
Steve DuBerry (track 7)
Billy Lawrie (track 7)
Lulu (Scottish singer and actress, best known for “To Sir With Love”) (track 7)
Graham Lyle (track 15)
Stuart Matthewman (track 12)
Hugo Peretti (track 10)
Charlie Reid (track 5)
Craig Reid (track 5)
George David Weiss (track 10)
phonographic copyright by:
Spaghetti Recordings Ltd. (1992) (track 11)
EMI Records Ltd. (not for release label use! UK parent of EMI-owned labels until Sept 2012) (2004) (track 15)
Chrysalis Music Ltd. (music publisher) (track 7)
Goodsingle Ltd. (track 15)
Hornall Brothers Music Ltd. (limited company) (track 15)
INTERSONG International Musikverlag G.m.b.H. (German publisher) (track 10)
Jimmy Fun Music (track 3)
Peermusic UK (UK publisher) (track 11)
Screen Gems–EMI Music, Inc. (USA, affiliated with BMI) (track 13)
Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc. (later renamed as Peermusic) (track 11)
Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (1996–present) (tracks 7, 15)
mixed at:
recorded at:
Mayfair Studios (England) in London, England, United Kingdom (track 15)
earliest release:
Main Titles by Danny Elfman (track 4)
has remixes:
500 Miles by Down by Law (track 5)
300MB by Neil Cicierega (track 5)
500 Bad Mice by Soundhog (track 5)
Super Miles by Isosine (track 5)
The Stars and Stripes Forever (for 2 pianos 8 hands, Wilberg) (track 16)
The Stars and Stripes Forever (arr. Bruce Dukov for Violin and Cello) (track 16)
cover recording of:
The Crying Game (track 11)
is the basis for:
Be Kind to Your Small Person Friends (Horton Hears a Who!) (track 16)
later parody versions:
Wise Men Still (track 10)
later translated parody versions:
later translated versions:
Comment ne pas être amoureux de vous ? (French translation transl) (track 10)
Todo irá bien (Spanish translation) (track 10)
好きにならずにいられない (“Can’t Help Falling in Love” Japanese version) (track 10)
懷往年 (track 10)
The Stars and Stripes Forever (arranged by Leopold Stokowski) (track 16)
recording of:
Almost Unreal (track 3)
I Will Find You (track 14)
No Ordinary Love (track 12)
Tarzan Boy (track 13)
referred to in medleys:
Hooked on Polkas (track 15)