…Baby One More Time (BMG club edition)Britney SpearsCD11
  • US1999-01-12
BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)01241-41651-2, D126932[none]
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsEnhanced CD11
  • US1999-01-12
Jive (Jive Records imprint)01241-41651-2012414165121
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD16
  • JP1999-02-24
Jive (Jive Records imprint)AVCZ-951144988064951147
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsEnhanced CD12
  • XE1999-03-08
Jive (Jive Records imprint)7243 8 47275 0 5724384727505
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsEnhanced CD12
  • XE1999-03-08
Jive (Jive Records imprint)0522172, 705.2217.2724384727505
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsEnhanced CD12
  • GB1999-03-08
Jive (Jive Records imprint)05221725013705221729
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD12
  • GB1999-03-08
Jive (Jive Records imprint)9200812638592008120
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD14
  • HK1999-05-27
Jive (Jive Records imprint)05203225013705230226
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD16
  • AU1999-06-25
Jive (Jive Records imprint)05230329326382000003
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsEnhanced CD13
Jive (Jive Records imprint)36884472750724384727505
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD16
Jive (Jive Records imprint)828765363624
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD12
Jive (Jive Records imprint)CDHIP (WF) 90916002140893324
…Baby One More TimeBritney Spears2×CD11 + 6
Jive (Jive Records imprint)RZBD0045013705270222
…Baby One More Time (CRC edition)Britney SpearsEnhanced CD12
Jive (Jive Records imprint)J2 1651269621070000
…Baby One More Time (deluxe version)Britney SpearsDigital Media16
Jive (Jive Records imprint)888880423368
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsCD16
  • JP2007-06-20
BMG JapanBVCM 378974988017648568
…Baby One More TimeBritney SpearsDigital Media11
Jive (Jive Records imprint)888880333476
...Baby One More Time (Reissue)Britney SpearsCD12
Jive (Jive Records imprint), Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)82876539862828765398626


associated singles/EPs:…Baby One More Time
(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!)
Born to Make You Happy
From the Bottom of My Broken Heart
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