I’m Not Dead

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I’m Not DeadP!nkCD14
  • CA2006-03-31
LaFace Records82876-80320-2828768032022
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD15
LaFace Records82876 80471 2828768047125
I’m Not DeadP!nkDualDisc (CD side) + DualDisc (DVD-Video side)15 + 21
  • XE2006-04-03
  • DE2006-04-03
LaFace Records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Aug 5, 2004 - Oct 1, 2008; do not use if a specific sub-label is available), Zomba (imprint)82876804042828768040423
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD16
  • GB2006-04-03
LaFace Records82876803302828768033029
I’m Not DeadP!nkDualDisc (CD side) + DualDisc (DVD-Video side)15 + 21
  • GB2006-04-03
LaFace Records82876803342828768033425
I’m Not DeadP!nkDualDisc16
  • GB2006-04-03
LaFace Records82876803342828768033425
I’m Not Dead (clean)P!nkCD14
  • US2006-04-04
LaFace Records82876-80393-2828768039328
I’m Not DeadP!nkDualDisc (CD side) + DualDisc (DVD-Video side)14 + 32
  • US2006-04-04
LaFace Records82876-81180-2828768118023
I’m Not Dead (期間限定スペシャル・プライス)P!nkCD16
  • JP2006-04-26
BMG JapanBVCQ-240204988017635469
I’m Not Dead (初回生産限定盤)P!nkCD + DVD-Video16 + 4
  • JP2006-05-24
BMG JapanBVCQ-28034, BVCQ-280354988017640593
I’m Not Dead (通常盤)P!nkCD16
  • JP2006-07-26
BMG JapanBVCQ-210764988017641163
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD15
LaFace Records828768047120828768047125
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD15
LaFace Records82876804022828768040225
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD15
LaFace Records82876804712828768047125
I’m Not Dead (15 tracks + 5 bonus tracks)P!nkCD20
LaFace Records LLC2876804712828768047125
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD13
LaFace Records82876-80320-2828768032022
I’m Not Dead (bonus tracks)P!nkDigital Media17
  • US2007-04-17
I’m Not Dead (platinum edition)P!nkCD18
  • US2007-12-11
LaFace Records88697192942886971929423
I’m Not Dead (2007 Australian Tour Edition)P!nkCD + DVD-Video17 + 8
LaFace Records, Zomba (imprint)886970751720886970751728
I’m Not Dead (2007 Australian Tour Edition)P!nkCD + DVD17 + 8
Zomba (imprint)88697075172886970751728
I’m Not DeadP!nkCD16
  • JP2009-03-25
LaFace RecordsBVCM-356064988017670309
I’m Not DeadP!nk2×12" Vinyl7 + 7
  • US2018-05-04
Legacy (Legacy Recordings), RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)88985497931889854979317
I’m Not Dead (explicit)PinkDigital Media15
LaFace Records


associated singles/EPs:Dear Mr. President
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
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Stupid Girls
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Who Knew
live performances:Live From Wembley Arena
included in:The Album Collection
The Albums…So Far!!!
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Today's pop market is very different to the one in which P!nk was unleashed on the world. Then, she was a breath of fresh air, bringing rebellious attitudes to a world filled with Swedish pop svengali Max Martin's bubblegum productions. Now, "Cuz I Can", the standout track on this album with its oddball 'We All Want Ice Cream' chorus is produced by non other than Mr. Martin himself. The scathing "Stupid Girls" certainly shows that P!nk feels more alternative than she actually is.

It's not only that though. Today, charts are peppered with rock-chicks and while most tracks on I'm not Dead are radio friendly, songs like "Leave Me Alone" and "Long Way to Happy" go too far down that route, lacking P!nk's individuality, and positively oozing Hilary Duff-ness.

One thing is clear though: Kelly Clarkson has taken over as chart's rock queen and nothing on I'm Not Dead begins to match up to "Since You Been Gone".