Love Sux

~ Release group by Avril Lavigne


NOTE: Although the album contains explicit lyrics, none of the physical versions of the album wear the Parental Advisory logo. That logo is only present on the digital versions.

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Love Sux (explicit)Avril LavigneDigital Media12
DTA Records075679762085
Love Sux (clean)Avril LavigneDigital Media12
DTA Records075679762092
Love SuxAvril LavigneCD12
  • AU2022-02-25
DTA Records7567863758075678637582
Love SuxAvril LavigneCD12
  • XE2022-02-25
DTA Records075678637582075678637582
Love SuxAvril LavigneBlu-spec CD13
  • JP2022-02-25
Sony Records International (Japanese TEXTLESS walking eye imprint)SICX 301364547366546354
Love SuxAvril LavigneDigital Media12
  • JP2022-02-25
Sony Records International (Japanese TEXTLESS walking eye imprint)SIXX06665B00Z4547366547337
Love SuxAvril LavigneCD12
  • US2022-02-25
DTA Records075678637582075678637582
Love Sux (Amazon exclusive version)Avril LavigneCD12
  • US2022-02-25
DTA Records075679761934075679761934
Love SuxAvril LavigneCD12
DTA Records075678637582075678637582


artist & repertoire support:Travis Barker (American producer and drummer of blink-182)
Johnny Minardi
associated singles/EPs:Bite Me
Love It When You Hate Me by Avril Lavigne feat. blackbear
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