Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
  • US1990-02-16
Combat, Relativity Records88561-2011-2088561201128
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
  • JP1990-08-22
CBS/Sony (imprint used in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia 1968–1991; also used in Spain until 1997)CSCS-52564988009525624
Spiritual HealingDeath12" Vinyl8
Under One FlagFLAG 385016583203818
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
Under One FlagCD FLAG 385016583203825
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
Century Media (imprint of Century Media Records GmbH and its subsidiaries)66030-27277016603027
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
  • DE2006-03-01
Century Media (imprint of Century Media Records GmbH and its subsidiaries)66030-25051099603028
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
  • DE2008-05-23
Century Media (imprint of Century Media Records GmbH and its subsidiaries)99620285051099620285
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
  • JP2009-09-09
Metal Frontier (orange flame label with "NEXUS" subtext)KICP 914184988003374631
Spiritual HealingDeathDigital Media8
  • XW2011-04-04
Relapse Records781676305223
Spiritual HealingDeath2×CD8 + 16
  • US2012-11-20
Relapse RecordsRR7194781676719426
Spiritual Healing (remastered)Death3×CD8 + 16 + 13
  • US2012-11-20
Relapse RecordsRR7200781676720026
Spiritual HealingDeathDigital Media24
  • XW2012-11-20
Relapse Records[none]
Spiritual Healing (deluxe reissue)DeathDigital Media42
  • XW2012-11-20
Relapse Records[none][none]
Spiritual HealingDeath12" Vinyl8
  • US2014-09-30
Relapse RecordsRR7194781676719419
Spiritual HealingDeathCD8
Combat (for unofficial/bootleg/pirate re-issues of the catalog of Combat)88561-2011-28856120112


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