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Kick12" Vinyl12wea (has logo with just "wea" on it)255080-1
KickCD12wea (has logo with just "wea" on it)255 080-2 (SW-F-0020)[none]
KickCD12Phonogram832 721-2042283272125
KickCD12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7 81796-2075678179624
KickCD12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7 81796-2076678179621
KickCD12wea (has logo with just "wea" on it)32XD-8644988014356633
KickCD12wea (has logo with just "wea" on it)255080-2[none]
KickCD12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)CD 81796076678179621
KickCD12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)A2 81796076678179621
Kick12" Vinyl12Mercury Records (Universal Music Group)832 721-1042283272118
KickCD12Mercury Records (Universal Music Group)832 721-2042283272125
KickCassette12Mercury Records (Universal Music Group)832 721-4, MERHC 114042283272149
KickCD12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), BMG Direct Marketing, Inc.7 81796-2, D 153606[none]
Kick12" Vinyl12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)81796-107567817961
KickCD12Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)A2-81796076678179621
KickCD16Rhino (reissue label)R2 78204081227820428
Kick (Deluxe Edition)2×CD12 + 12Mercury Records (Universal Music Group)982 355-06024982355082
KickCD12Petrol Electric0602527706375602527706375
Kick12" Vinyl12Mobile Fidelity Sound LabMOFI 1-003821797100038
Kick 252×CD12 + 13Universal Music Group International (manages UMG's offices in most countries outside of North America)0600753390924600753390924
Kick2×CD12 + 13Universal UMCUMC9092
Kick (2011 remaster)Digital Media12Petrol Electric602537701902
KickDigital Media12Rhino Atlantic (digital releases only!)
Kick 303×CD + Blu-ray12 + 13 + 14 + 32Petrol (Australian dance compilation label), Universal Music Group (has logo with just "Universal Music Group")0602567031482602567031482
Kick3×CD + Blu-ray12 + 13 + 14 + 32Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Petrol Records (90s San Francisco), Rhino Records, Inc.R2 565069603497862948


associated singles/EPs:Devil Inside
Need You Tonight
Never Tear Us Apart
New Sensation
covers:Kick by Record Club
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