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TreasureCocteau Twins12" Vinyl10
  • GB1984-10-01
4ADCAD 412
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10
4ADCAD 412 CD[none]
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP 7 96418 2077779641826
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10
4ADRTD 120.0016.25014436412028
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10
4AD, Virgin France S.A. (not for release label use!)0777 7 86803 2 1077778680321
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10
  • US1996-07-23
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.), 4ADCDP 7 96418 2762185123829
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10
  • GB2003-02-10
4ADGAD 412 CD652637041224
TreasureCocteau Twins12" Vinyl10
Vinyl 180VIN180LP0185038622123017
TreasureCocteau Twins12" Vinyl10
  • GB2018-03-16
4ADCAD 3710652637371017
Treasure (2018 remaster)Cocteau TwinsDigital Media10
  • -2023-08-11
TreasureCocteau TwinsCD10Sonic Records (Polish label, releases Polish pop, rock and alternative)SON 485901844904828


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part of:The Phoenix: The Ten Landmark Albums That Made Indie Rock (number: HM) (order: 22)
The Guardian 100 Best Albums Ever (number: 85) (order: 85)
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