All recordings in this group from April 26 1940, except 2 additional on May 3 1940
Original releases were 6 singles = 12 recordings, which were also issued on July 1940 album (the 6 shellac singles bundled into 2 volumes)
Later releases added "Dust Bowl Blues" and "Pretty Boy Floyd" both recorded April 26, 1940 but unissued
A 15th track, "Talking Dust Bowl Blues (alternate take)", which was take 1 from April 26, was later added

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Dust Bowl Ballads Volume I10" Shellac6
Victor Records (primary imprint of the Victor Talking Machine Company)P-27[none]
Dust Bowl Ballads Volume 2 (Dust Bowl Ballads Volume 2 P-28)10" Shellac6
Victor Records (primary imprint of the Victor Talking Machine Company)P-28[none]
Dust Bowl Ballads12" Vinyl14
RCA VictorLPV 502
Dust Bowl Ballads12" Vinyl14
RCA Victor740062
Dust Bowl Ballads12" Vinyl11
Folkways RecordsFH 5212[none]
Dust Bowl Ballads12" Vinyl14
Dustbowl BalladsCD14
  • GB1998-04-25
Camden (launched circa 1973; UK only as of 2004), Sony CMG (subsidiary of SME UK, add only UK releases)74321 578392743215783923
Dustbowl BalladsCD14
  • -1998
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, use “BMG Rights Management”)F:BM830743215783923
Dust Bowl BalladsCD14
  • US2000-07-11
Dust Bowl BalladsCD15
  • US2000-07-14
Buddha Records (1998–2002, formerly known as Buddah Records)74465 99724 2744659972423
Dusty Bowl BalladsCD13
Dust Bowl BalladsDigital Media24
  • -2015
J. Joes J. Edizioni Musicali


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