Rubber Soul

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Rubber Soul (UK mono)12" Vinyl14
  • GB1965-12-03
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)PMC 1267
Rubber Soul (UK stereo)12" Vinyl14
  • GB1965-12-03
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)PCS 3075
Rubber Soul (US mono)12" Vinyl12
  • US1965-12-06
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)T 2442[none]
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl12
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)T-2442[none]
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
EMI-Odeon (imprint)EAS-70135
Rubber Soul (US stereo)12" Vinyl12
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)ST 2442[none]
Rubber Soul (stereo)12" Vinyl14
Apple RecordsAP-8156[none]
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl12
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)SW 2442, SW-2442
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
Odeon1C 072-04 115
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
  • JP1982-01-21
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
Mobile Fidelity Sound LabMFSL 1-106[none]
Rubber SoulVinyl14
  • GB1984-06-01
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab1-107
Rubber Soul (mono, red vinyl)12" Vinyl14
Rubber Soul (Remastered)CD14
  • JP1987-04-30
EMI-Odeon (imprint)CP32-53264988006611474
Rubber Soul (1987 stereo remix)CD14
  • GB1987-04-30
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)CDP 7 46440 2077774644020
Rubber Soul (1987 stereo remix, made in W‐Germany)CD14
  • US1987-04-30
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP 7 46440 2077774644020
Rubber Soul (1987 remix)CD14
  • US1987-04-30
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP 7 46440 2077774644020
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
  • US1987-07-21
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CLJ-46440077774644013
Rubber SoulCassette14
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)TC-PCS 3075[none]
Rubber Soul (Remastered)12" Vinyl14
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)PCS 30755099910411513
Rubber Soul (1987 remix; W. Germany pressing for US market)CD14
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.), Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)CDP 7 46440 2077774644020
Rubber Soul (original mix)CD14
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)C2 46440077774644020
Rubber Soul (1987 remix)CD14
Apple Records, Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)C2 0777 7 46440 2 0077774644020
Rubber SoulCD14
  • JP1998-03-11
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK), Apple Records, EMI (double‐boxed EMI logo representing Japanese domestic repertoire from 東芝EMI and EMIミュジック・ジャパン, until the latter’s acquisition by Universal Music Japan in April 2013)CDP 7 46440 2, TOCP-511164988006740006
Rubber Soul (2009 stereo remaster)Enhanced CD16
  • XE2009-09-09
Apple Records0946 3 82418 2 9094638241829
Rubber Soul (2009 stereo remaster)Enhanced CD15
  • JP2009-09-09
Apple RecordsTCOP-710864988006873513
Rubber Soul (2009 stereo remaster)Enhanced CD15
  • US2009-09-09
Apple Records, Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.), Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)0946 3 82418 2 9094638241829
Rubber Soul (2009 stereo remaster)12" Vinyl14
  • XE2012-11-09
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)00946382418120094638241812
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
  • US2012-11-13
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)094638241812094638241812
Rubber SoulCD24
  • US2014-01-24
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)B0019707-02[none]
Rubber SoulDigital Media15
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)
Rubber Soul12" Vinyl14
  • XE2014-09-09
  • GB2014-09-09
  • US2014-09-09
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)PMC 1267602537825752
Rubber Soul (remastered)Digital Media14
EMI Catalogue00602547670151
Rubber SoulCD14EMI (EMI Records, since 1972), Apple Records, Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)7464402077774644020
Rubber Soul (EU stereo; PM 518)CD14Apple RecordsCDP 7 46440 2077774644020
Rubber Soul · Резиновая Душа12" Vinyl14
АнТропП91 00215
Rubber SoulCD26
MO 84 006
Rubber SoulCD12
Dr. Ebbetts Sound SystemsT 2442
Rubber Soul(unknown)14
  • -2000
Rubber Soul (US stereo DESS bootleg)CD14
Dr. Ebbetts Sound SystemsPCS 3075[none]
Rubber Soul (Rock Band Mixes)12" Vinyl14
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)PMCQ 31509
Rubber Soul (mono)CD14
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)CDP 746440 2, PMCD 1267[none]


associated singles/EPs:Drive My Car
Nowhere Man
covers:Rubber Folk by Various Artists
included in:Beatles for Sale / Rubber Soul
The Beatles (2009 stereo remasters)
The Beatles Box Set
The Beatles Collection
The Beatles in Mono (2009 mono remasters)
The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2
The U.S. Albums
With Love From Me To You
part of:Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2012 edition (number: 5) (order: 5)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2020 edition (number: 35) (order: 35)
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (2005 edition) (order: 56)
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Although not the huge stylistic leap forward that their next four albums would represent, Rubber Soul underlined that, for The Beatles, mop-toppery was now over and more serious matters lay ahead for a group who had just spent their second, successive year at the very pinnacle of world-wide success.

Fuelled by their prodigious marijuana intake, the songs - especially John Lennon's - continued on the oblique, introspective course they'd taken since Beatles For Sale the previous autumn.

Recorded in October and November 1965, the punningly-titled Rubber Soul is a transitional album that bridges the gap between its makers' earlier pop rush and their future experimentation. Its upbeat sides are slightly off-kilter: Drive My Car, You Won't See Me and (previous album) Help! leftover Wait are great, beat-driven numbers that sound slightly kinky, while the peace-espousing The Word predates the summer of love by 18 months.

Paul McCartney follows Yesterday, the penultimate track on Help!, with Michelle, another show-stopping if saccharine standard. George Harrison's jangling tribute to The Byrds, If I Needed Someone, was also a hit for The Hollies, who released their version in the same week as Rubber Soul. However, with Nowhere Man, In My Life, Girl and Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), this is Lennon's album and arguably the last Beatles record he would dominate.

Key amongst Lennon's pieces is In My Life. Its childhood reminisces still sound gorgeous, the song carrying far more weight than its writer's 24 years, illuminated by producer George Martin's beautiful piano solo: recorded at half speed and later doubled, the sound is reminiscent of a harpsichord and fulfilled Lennon's request for something Baroque-sounding.

Rubber Soul demonstrates how The Beatles, with Martin in tow, were beginning to exploit the recording studio - afterwards, boundaries were to be pushed. And where The Beatles led, other rock and pop acts soon followed.