Dark Passion Play

~ Release group by Nightwish


Dark Passion Play (special edition)2×CD13 + 13
  • FI2007-09-26
Spinefarm Records172004-1, SPI313SP0602517200418
Dark Passion Play2×Digital Media13 + 13
  • FI2007-09-26
Spinefarm Records
Dark Passion PlayCD13
  • DE2007-09-26
Nuclear Blast GmbH (company and copyright holder for Nuclear Blast), Nuclear Blast27361 19232, NB 1923-2727361192327
Dark Passion PlayCD14
  • JP2007-09-26
Universal International (Japanese label; release must say “制作:Universal International” AND have no logos other than “Universal Music”)UICO-11314988005487896
Dark Passion Play2×CD14 + 13
  • JP2007-09-26
Universal International (Japanese label; release must say “制作:Universal International” AND have no logos other than “Universal Music”)UICO-9022, UICO-90234988005487902
Dark Passion Play2×CD13 + 13
  • DE2007-09-28
Nuclear BlastNB 1923-0727361192303
Dark Passion Play (limited edition)3×CD13 + 13 + 3
  • DE2007-09-28
Nuclear BlastNB 1923-2, NB 1967-5, NB 1969-2
Dark Passion PlayCD13
  • RU2007-09-28
Фоно (Fono Ltd.)FO700CD
Dark Passion Play (collector’s edition)2×CD14 + 13
  • US2007-10-02
Roadrunner Records1686-179842016861797027
Dark Passion PlayCD13
  • US2007-10-02
Roadrunner Records1686-179842016861798420
Dark Passion PlayCD13
Roadrunner RecordsRR79842016861798420
Dark Passion PlayCD13
Spinefarm Records602517346994
Dark Passion Play2×12" Vinyl7 + 6
Nuclear BlastNB 1923-9727361192396
Dark Passion Play2×CD14 + 13
Roadrunner Records1686-179702016861797027
Dark Passion Play (platinum edition)2×Digital Media13 + 5
  • FI2008-01-23
Spinefarm Records
Dark Passion Play (platinum edition)2×CD13 + 5
Spinefarm RecordsSPI 313PT0602517577442
Dark Passion PlayDVD-Audio13
  • FI2008-06-18
Spinefarm RecordsSPI313AUDIO0602517200395
Dark Passion Play (special deluxe edition)3×CD13 + 4 + 3
  • DE2008-10-17
Nuclear BlastNB 2253-5727361225353
Dark Passion PlayCD14
  • JP2008-11-19
USM Japan (read the annotation before using!)UICY-911894988005537294
Dark Passion PlaySHM-CD14
  • JP2008-12-03
USM Japan (read the annotation before using!)UICY-912594988005537973
Dark Passion Play (tour edition + bonus dvd)CD + DVD-Video13 + 8
Nuclear BlastNB 2070-2727361207021
Dark Passion Play (Special Deluxe Edition)Digital Media18
Nuclear Blast
Dark Passion PlayCD14
  • JP2009-03-04
USM Japan (read the annotation before using!)UICY-601324988005542304
Dark Passion PlaySHM-CD14
  • JP2012-05-23
Dark Passion PlayCD13
  • US2019-03-01
Nuclear BlastNB 4535-0727361453503
Dark Passion Play (édition spéciale France)2×CD13 + 4Nuclear Blast27361 19232, 27361 20582, 27361 22545, NB 1923-2, NB 2058-2, NB 2254-5727361225452


associated singles/EPs:Amaranth
Bye Bye Beautiful
Erämaan viimeinen
The Islander
The Sound of Nightwish Reborn
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/master/2872 [info]
other databases:https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/nightwish/dark-passion-play/ [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0000749953 [info]
Wikidata:Q212822 [info]

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