While the Swingles first won acclaim for their arrangements of Bach fugues, they have been performing Beatles songs as part of their live concerts for many years. The aural landscape designed by the Beatles, with George Martin at the helm, is ably reproduced here, entirely a cappella, of course. Some adaptations swear almost complete allegiance to the originals, but others, such as Norwegian Wood, embellish with subtle, yet distinct tonal flavors. The tempo of Lady Madonna is gently suppressed, with harmonic emphasis on the seventh. All My Loving is a sweetly earnest ballad. Ticket To Ride shows the Swingle Singers ready to meet the 21st century, with a winning mix of the old and the new.

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Ticket to Ride: A Beatles TributeCD16Primarily A Cappella
Ticket to RideCD16Par Media MusicZZ-XXGP0001464[none]


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